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Bentley Mulsanne

Bentley ’s next addition to its lineup is a production version for the EXP 9 F SUV, but in the long-term, the company could also develop a four-door coupe model as a competitor for top versions variants of the BMW 6-Series GranCoupe and Mercedes CLS .

In a recent interview, Bentley CEO Wolfgang Schreiber said that the company would really enjoy developing such a model, but it won’t happen "any time soon, that’s for sure, but maybe in the longer term." According to Schreiber, such a model would sit below the current Mulsanne and would be just one of the models needed by the company to raise sales from 8,510 units in 2012 to 15,000 by 2018. The future four-door coupe, if produced, would be priced at about £130,000 ($198,000 at the current exchange rates).

In the same interview, Schreiber confirmed that the SUV will arrive on the market by 2015 at a starting price of £120,000 ($182,000). It will be completely redesigned from the EXP 9 F concept and Bentley has already received 2,000 orders for it.

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Note: Bentley Mulsanne pictured here.

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The current Bentley Continental Supersports was released in 2009 and for the 2014 model year Bentley is working on a new high-performance flagship coupe, according to sources from Bentley. The new model will be placed between the current GT Speed that delivers a total of 616 horsepower and the upcoming road-goingContinental GT3 rumored to deliver a total of 675 horsepower.

The new Continental Supersports will feature carbon-fiber panels, stiffer suspension and a twin-turbo W-12 engine that will deliver around 650 horsepower. As you can see, the output will represent a modest increase of just 30 horsepower over the GT Speed model, but Bentley officials confirm that "Supersports wouldn’t be all about pure power."

The company will also focus on reducing the car’s total weight, revising the chassis settings and improving braking power. Rumors suggest that in order to reduce the car’s weight Bentley could also drop the rear seats, while the front ones will be made in lightweight composites.

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Updated 04/02/2013: Today we have created a very nice rendering for the upcoming Continental Supersports. Let us know what do you think in the comments section below.

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It looks like the German tuner, DMC, got tired of updating McLaren and Ferrari models and it has now turned its attention to the new Bentley Continental GT Coupe . The project is called "Dura" (Spanish word for "Hard") and is focused on improving the car’s overall design and adding a few extra ponies under the hood.

For the exterior, the German tuner is offers a carbon-fiber body kit that includes a new front bumper, new side skirts and new wing-lets replacing the traditional side diffusers. For the rear, the kit adds a new bumper, new diffuser and a new spoiler. The car sits on 22-inch diamond-forged wheels wrapped in 295/25R22 tires. On the inside, DMC combined carbon fiber with fine Italian leathers.

In order to increase the W-12 engine’s output, the tuner installed a new titanium exhaust, sport air filters and optimized electronics. The end result is an output of 672 horsepower and a peak torque of 575 pound-feet – a gain of 105 horsepower and 59 pound-feet. The sprint from 0 to 60 mph is now made in 4.5 seconds – 0.2 seconds faster than the stock model – and the top speed goes up to 201 mph.

It’s been a while since we last brought you any tuning kit from Anderson Germany, but today the tuner announced a new upgrade kit for the new-generation Bentley Continental GT . The kit includes upgrades to the exterior and the interior, plus, some extra ponies in the stable.

Under the hood, the tuner installed professional software optimization and a remotely controllable valve exhaust system in three sound levels. These updates increase the engine’s output up from the standard 575 horsepower up to 680 horsepower.

Such a powerful car requires a suitable aerodynamic kit. It was made in carbon fiber and includes a new hood, boot lid, front lower spoiler and lower lip, side skirts with air intakes, and the rear spoiler with diffuser. The car sits on new gloss-black rims sized 9-by-22 inches with 265/30R22 at the front axle and in 10.5-by-22 inches with 295/25R22 at the rear axle. The car was painted in Grey Hyper Gloss Metallic.

For the interior, the tuner also offers a carbon-fiber package, combined with numerous elements in leather and Alcantara. There is a new sports steering wheel and a high-end sound system with amplifier, subwoofer and speakers.

When it comes to delivering enough carbon fiber to serve a lifetime, nobody does it more than Mansory.

If expressive programs are the name, Mansory is the game. At the 2013 Geneva Motor Show , the tuner is bringing a lineup of new programs, including one for the Bentley Continental , called the Sanguis.

In true Mansory fashion, the Sanguis program includes a newly designed front apron, a light carbon-fiber bonnet, carbon-fiber front wings, newly designed side sills and rear widening components that considerably reinforce the wide-body look of the Continental. Additionally, the new rear apron delivers additional downthrust and creates enough space for Mansory to install its new exhaust system. Rounding out the exterior modifications is a new set of 22-inch ultra-light forged wheels with 10 double spokes wrapped in Vredestein Ultrac Vorti tires.

Inside, the modifications include plenty of sport functionality and luxurious ambience with leather by master craftsmen predominantly used. A newly designed sport steering wheel was also added while the aluminum pedals, the door entry sills and the Makassar ebony wood elements round out what can only be described as an opulent reminder of what Mansory is capable of.

Speaking of what it’s capable of, no Mansory product comes without any power enhancements, which is why the Sanguis program also carries its own performance upgrade. Thanks to a new sports exhaust system, a new air filter and an optimized engine performance graph, Mansory was able to drive up the output of the Continental to 672 horsepower at 6,700 rpm and 575 pound-feet of torque at 1,700 rpm. All told, the Continental can now hit 100 km/h (62 mph) in just 4.5 seconds with a top speed of 200 mph.

Following the updates offered for the Continental GT and the Continental GTC models, Bentley is also offering an update for its Flying Spur model. Just like with the other models, the Flying Spur will receive both exterior and interior changes, while the engine only received some minor upgrades.

Just like with the other two Continental models, the Flying Spur will receive a tricked out exterior with a more aggressive front fascia, a vented hood, and new headlights. For the rear, the luxury full-size vehicle will get a new trunk-mounted spoiler, slimmer taillights, and a revised exhaust system. The interior will feature even more luxury, thanks to the addition of higher-quality materials and improved technologies.

The new Flying Spur will be about 110 pounds lighter than the previous model, and, according to Bentley it offers no less than 600 new parts.

Updated 02/20/2013: This review has been updated with the official details, images and specs. Hit the jump to read more about the new Bentley Continental Flying Spur.

Bentley is continuing to tease its upcoming Continental Flying Spur luxury sedan with a new teaser video called "Quietly Powerful." Even if very short, the new teaser video unveils a little bit more of the luxury sedan and, for the first time, you can get a good look at the headlamps. You just need to pay extra attention around the 20-second mark.

The new Continental Flying Spur will receive a more aggressive front fascia, a vented hood, and - as revealed - new headlights. For the rear, Bentley will add a new trunk-mounted spoiler, slimmer taillights, and a revised exhaust system. The interior will also be upgraded with higher-quality materials and improved technologies. No changes will be made under the hood though, where Bentley will keep the usual 6-liter, twin-turbocharged W12 engine rated at 575 horsepower and 516 pound-feet of torque.

Full details on the new Continental Flying Spur will be unveiled on February 20, 2013.

The neighborhood of Beverly Hills in Los Angeles doesn’t lack in its share of fancy sports cars, luxury cars and supercars. On just about every corner you’ll find one of these vehicles, just like luxury automakers that have dealerships scattered all over the surrounding areas.

One of them is Bentley Beverly Hills, and recently they came out with a limited edition Continental GTC that’s fixing to have an owner whisk it away. The car has been distinctively painted with custom Tiffany Celeste Pearlescent paint that we haven’t seen on a Bentley before. Needless to say, the finish looks downright stunning.

Adding to the visual visage of the limited-edition Continental GTS with a choice of either liquid-silver or matte-black-finished 22-inch CEC C881 wheels wrapped in a set of Continental Extreme Contact ultra-high performance all-season tires.

No performance upgrades were given to this limited-edition Continental GTC, so expect to see the same 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V-8 engine that produces 500 horsepower and 487 pound-feet of torque. The engine is definitely one that should give the looks of the limited edition Continental GTC a suitable technical partner.

We know that only certain types of people are big fans of Bentley cars, but for sure everyone out there is a big fan of Jackie Chan. He is one of the few actors in Hollywood that performs his own crazy stunts, making him a favorite among movie goers, so Bentley’s decision to feature him in their latest Bentley Mulsanne Visionaries films is not a big surprise.

The episode he was featured in is called "Up in Smoke." The short film was shot in China and presents the dualist character of the Mulsanne: sophistication combined with impressive athleticism.

In this episode of the Bentley Mulsanne Visionaries series, Jackie finds himself chauffeuring a businessman through the streets of China. As the businessman reclines his seat to catch a few minutes of shut-eye, Jakie flips a switch in the massive luxury car and shows us just how athletic this monster is. After Jakie has had enough, he simply tops the car, gets out a “poof” he disappears.

Watch the video to see his dramatic exit.

The Bentley Mulsanne was unveiled at the 2009 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance and, with the exception of some special editions, it has remained the same ever since. For the 2014 model year, however, Bentley has announced a series of new luxury features, ranging from new suite of communication and entertainment system options up to new paints. This updated Mulsanne will be unveiled at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show and will go on sale one month later.

The most significant update includes the addition of two new packages — Comfort and Entertainment — that will update both the comfort and the technologically features of the Mulsanne.

Customers can also choose between three new exterior colors — Dark Cashmere, Portofino and Damson — combined with three new interior ones: Damson, Saffron and Brunel.

Unfortunately no changes were made in the place that needed it the most: under the hood. This means that the Mulsanne will continue to be offered with the same 6.75-liter twin-turbocharged V-8 as in the previous years.

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