2007 Best Buy and Recommended Awards

Consumer Guide Automotive, the leading publisher of authoritative, objective new and used car reviews for 39 years, today announced the recipients of its 2007 Best Buy and Recommended Awards. The annual list, designed to make car buying easier for consumers, represents the best overall values in 17 categories and includes a total of 81 vehicles.

Since 1967, Consumer Guide’s preeminent editorial team has used a comprehensive evaluation process based on factors that matter most to the average car buyer to arrive at the annual list of winners. Initially, the list is divided into 17 classes based on vehicle type, size, and price. These class segments span the entire automotive market and include hundreds of cars, SUVs, minivans, and trucks. 

The editors then use objective criteria, such as price, features, performance, accommodations, fuel economy, reliability records and resale value, to assess each vehicle. The winners are divided into two categories: The Consumer Guide "Best Buy" and "Recommended" winners.
A "Best Buy" rating signifies that a vehicle is ranked at the top of its class and is strongly recommended by the editors. "Best Buy" vehicles represent the finest balance of attributes and price within their classes, and they are the best choices for the average consumer.

This year’s "Best Buy" winners include the:

Consumer Guide’s "Recommended" list features cars that, though not ranked at the very top of their category, are still worth strong consideration by the consumer due to their excellent value.

The key to Consumer Guide Automotive’s annual Best Buy and Recommended Awards is the careful evaluation of every aspect of each vehicle as it relates to the average consumer. "Our experts test drive more than 200 new cars each year in various settings and conditions. We treat them as if they were ours, driving them to the supermarket, in the city, on the highway, and on long trips, to best replicate the typical consumer experience," said Kirk Bell, Consumer Guide Automotive associate publisher. "Our process is designed to assure that the Best Buy and Recommended Awards are tailored to assist the average car buyer, whether they are looking for a luxury sedan or a workhorse pickup."

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