Audi A1 not coming to USA

Last week at New York Auto Show Audi unveiled the A5 and the S5 models for the North American market. But on the same time Audi has announced that the upcoming Audi A1 will not come to the US.

There’s a lot riding on the upcoming remake of the A4, which Audi expects to become an even bigger seller in the U.S. And the next-generation A3, currently Audi’s smallest U.S. model, should benefit from fast-growing demand for small cars. Which, of course, begs the question: might Audi bring an A2 or smaller model to the U.S. ?

While such products will see "dramatic growth," de Nysschen quickly cautions that, "I don’t think we’ll see a sub-A3 in the U.S. , not for Audi," at least not right now, anyway. Why? Because the automaker is "not as strongly entrenched in the U.S. " as are other European marques, like Mercedes Mercedes , which has more stretch to its brand image. So, at least in the minicar segment, the executive says Audi will need to wait and let other luxury automakers blaze the path.

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