BMW X5 - Digital Drive Car of The Year

Source: PC Mag

PC Magazine has announced their winners for the 2nd Annual Digital Drive Awards. The criteria was: "Our criteria for the second annual Digital Drive Awards? We looked for cars with an expected baseline of technology—such as Bluetooth, navigation, parking sonar, stability control, and a full complement of safety features. Then we sought out the first implementations of technology that will be mainstream in two to five years."

PC Magazine’s 2nd Annual Digital Drive Awards List:

  •  Digital Drive Car of The Year: BMW X5
  •  Best Handling: Acura MDX
  •  Best Navigation: Cadillac STS
  •  Best Built-In Screen: Infiniti M35/M45
  •  Best Parking Experience: Lexus LS460
  •  Best Audio: Lincoln MKZ
  •  Best Ride: Mercedes-Benz S550
  •  Best Cruiser: Mercedes-Benz e320 Bluetec
  •  Best Mainstream Hybrid: Toyota Prius Hybrid
  •  Best Gearbox: Volkswagen GTI

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