Ferrari Enzo - 'World's Most Iconic Car'

Source: LSE

The Enzo Ferrari has been unveiled as the world’s most iconic supercar. The legendary $800.000 model, of which only a few hundred were ever built, topped a definitive list of the 100 most iconic contemporary cars that money can buy.

The Zurich Iconic Car Index, founded by former Top Gear presenter, Peter Burgess, was based on a sophisticated formula which weighted factors including price, performance, engine power and marque.

Zurich Iconic Car Index Top 10:


what i dont get is, why did the make the car something like 250lbs(im not sure) heavier to have the hydraulic nose lifter insted of building the car with the nose permanantly up, it’ll be a lot lighter and barely lose any aerodynamics

it is true it is fast and beutiful and can reach 226 mph

these cars are off the chain

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