The fastest cars in the world

Supercars - the realm of dreams and the garages of multi-millionaires. The fastest cars in the world are in the possession of a lucky few, and with good reason. Most of the rich may not have the skill to pilot these expensive machines, but they have the money and they like to flaunt it. Numerous exotics have made their debut in the past decade, and a few are so exceptional that they are hard to replace.

The world fastest cars:

  1. Bugatti Veyron - Top Speed 253 mph
  2. Saleen S7 - Top Speed: 240-260 mph
  3. Koenigsegg CCR - Top Speed: 242 mph
  4. McLaren F1 - Top Speed: 231 mph
  5. Spyker C8 - Top Speed: 187-215 mph
  6. Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren - Top Speed: 207 mph
  7. Ford GT - Top Speed: 205 mph
  8. Lamborghini Murcielago - Top Speed: 205 mph
  9. Porsche Carrera GT - Top Speed: 205 mph
  10. Ferrari 575M Maranello - Top Speed: 202 mph



if u r toking abt speed Bugatti has it first position

There is no proof that barabus tkr Can do 0-60 in 1.67 and 270mph top speed.

i think kancil convert daihatsu L200S can fight toyota camry 2.4

you ah ho’ too?

yall ford gt all da way

are u out of ur mind the F1 had its chance come off it with your crap the F1 legacy is dead veyron or nothin it deserves everything it gets its the best of the best an will be until sumthing even better comes along an so far nothin better has.....

this does not deserve the first place spot all it is is a v16 with 4 turbos and 1000 hp the motor is so restricted the car that deserves this spot is the maclearn f1 a 6.0 627hp v12 that took nothing but enginenearing to get it up to the top speed of over 240mph

the audi is definitely not the fastest car and even IF the bugatti isn’t the fastest car it comes very close at second.....and i did say if. and no lambo has ever gone faster than 212 (thats the newest one folks) and never has an oldsmobile gone 270 infact no car has done that to date, where do ya’ll ppl get ur weird ideas from dred

Bugatti Veyron might not be the fastest car, but it deserves the first place

Doubt they’d have the fastest car on their hands and not test it imediatelly...

the faztezt car iz the audi avus quattro nd if not i agree wit the hennessy fan that brabus tkr cud prob. b the faztezt but i dont think they tested it yet

well i think mercedes clk-gtr is the fastest car in da whole world; top speed: 320 mph ya, and the new pagani zonda r is derived from the amg built mercedes clk-gtr engine v12...and that allows pagani to pump out an Enzo eclipsing 750bhp and 524lb/ft of torque!!!!! The engine features a carbon fibre intake system and ceramic coated exhaust for maximum output. Mounted in a new carbon fibre monocoque with integral rollcage, it drives the rear wheels via a brand new Pagani six-speed sequential manual transmission. top speed of zonda r: ??? mph

wheres d maserati m12,wheres d bugatti veyron,lamborghini murcielago,all dis cars do 0-60 in less dan 2.6 secs.wat kinda list is diz

The Dodge Hennessey Viper Venom 1000 TT is the fastest car in the world. Then I would say the SSC Ultimate Aero...but test runs need to confirm it. I would say the Barabus TKR, but so far I haven’t seen any real data proving it’s worth. I think if Hennessey came out with an all carbon fiber Viper Venom 1000 TT they would blow everyone out of the water for good. To me hooked up Vipers will always blow away the competition. Best Driver (Me) + Best Car (Venom 1000 TT) = Checkered Flag smiley

are u people insane the fastest car in the world is the oldsmobile but i forgot how to spell the last part of it but i do know that it does something around 270 mph.

you all are all crazy. the lamborghini used to 305.mph

you all are f@$#^%& crazy. the lamborghini murcielego goes 305mph.

you guys need to give your list a new name, those cars are fast but there are other cars that are faster

wheres the barabus tkr 0-60 in 1.67 seconds and top speed of 270mph... you dont know what your talking about with this list

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