Top Gear Awards 2006

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Top Gear has selected their winners for 2006. A couple of german cars, Ferrari and Jaguar and also Citroen Citroen scoped the Top Gear awards. Audi’s TT picked up the "Best Coupe" accolade, while BMW BMW ’s Mini Mini Cooper S was awarded "Best Small Car", Jaguar XK "Best GT", Ferrari 599 GTB - "Best Supercar".

Top Gear Awards

  • SUV - Land Rover Freelander 2: "the LR2 is more sophisticated and comfortable than ever, and it still rules the off-road roost"
  • Small Car - Mini Cooper S: "It’s not easy to tell apart from its predecessor, but the new Mini Cooper S is the most fun car we’ve driven this year"
  • Supercar - Ferrari 599 GTB: Blisteringly fast but beautifully behaved on the road, the Ferrari 599 GTB is a near-perfect supercar
  • Roadster - Mazda MX-5 Roadster-Convertible: "We knew Mazda would do a good job with the MX-5 RC. But we didn’t expect it to be even better than the soft-top"
  • GT - Jaguar XK: "Stunning to behold and great to drive, the Jaguar XK stirs the soul like no other GT out there"
  • Copue: Audi TT: "The Audi TT has always been a looker, but now it has the performance to match"
  • Big Car - Ford S-Max: "A sport-flavoured MPV? It sounds improbable, but the Ford S-Max somehow adds up"
  • Family Car - Citroen C4 Picasso: "Citroen’s brilliantly original C4 Picasso is clever enough to keep the whole family entertained"

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