World Fastest Convertible

Apart from the world record for the fastest SUV, Sportec has also, just incidentally, secured the record for the world`s fastest convertible.

Within the scope of a high-speed test carried out by the magazine Auto Motor & Sport which took place between the 27th and the 29th of May in Nardo, an anonymous Sportec customer reached an officially measured top speed of 221 mph with his SP 580 Convertible. In doing so, the Swiss outdid even the fastest driver of the professional class even though he went to the start as one among the invited Auto Motor & Sport readers "just" to take his car for a drive.

The 580 HP strong Porsche Turbo Convertible with a long 6th gear by the Sportec manufacturer pulverised the former record and set a new benchmark for sporty convertibles. As a matter of course, all modifications obtainable from the Sportec manufacturer have a MOT approval - in Germany as well as in Switzerland.

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