2007 Bizzarrini Quercianella

It all started in 1997 when founder, Clas Müller was on honeymoon in Tuscany. There he met the famous Ing. Bizzarrini to find out more about his own classic car, a red Bizzarrini Europa Corsa. It turnes out that Bizzarrini was more interested in creating new prototypes than discussing his famous old creations and that was how the seed was planted. A year later Clas Müller was back with an idea to develop a super lightweight sportscar - a baby Bizzarrini. This was the starting point of the P1, the first BEBI Prototype.

It is named Quercianella as a tribute to the man who once helped to transform the idea in to reality. His name is Ing. Giotto Bizzarrini and Quercianella is the place where he once grew up and where he is living today. He is a very special friend and he has inspired us to make this a very special car.

The Quercianella is what we call a baby supercar. It will have all the performance and all the looks of a stunning supercar, but it is slightly smaller and half the weight.

The Quercianella has the looks of a roadcar but there the recemblance ends. Beneath the surface it is pure racing. The Quercianella will outperform basically everything on any trackday and yet it will take you back home without even changing tyres.

The car is in it’s second and final prototype stage and is expected to be on sale in the second half of 2006.


It’s a cute little car that looks like a toy! Nevertheless, don’t underestimate its performance!

The unique design of this is one of the reasons why I should probably favor it. For sure, many people mostly are astounded by this sporty car.

Wow, the design of interior and exterior was so appealing; the prototype of this race-car was very fantastic. I think its good to launch again..

Well, I’m not really familiar with Bizzarrini vehicle but seeing this race-car prototype of them, I can say that they are really great in producing such a very aggressive and solid looking sports car!

This prototype surely a buzz to other car manufacturers, totally impressed with the concept and solid appearance, though it lucked to some details.

Well, this idea is really promising! What a cool car! Thanks to the creator of this even of it just a tribute, they still made it. It really looks different from other cars. Very exotic!

Very cool little car. It kind of has the same headlight shape as the Murcielago. 2.4 Liter V8. Possibly F1 spec?

that is sooooooo cool i want one

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