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We take forum posts with a grain of salt, but this one is quite interesting. A man named David Aviles, who works at Northwest BMW in Maryland, won a sales competition and was invited to an event called The Power of M. While he was there, the man from Maryland discovered some interesting things.

He saw some information on the new 1-Series M Coupe that is highly unusual. According to Aviles, there will only be 2,700 examples of the car made, and there will only be three colors to choose from. Those colors will be Alpine White, Jet Black, or Valencia Orange Metallic. On the plus side, all models will come with a manual transmission.

If he is correct, this is some odd news. We know that BMW has been making some rare M cars as of late, but this wasn’t suppose to be a rare model. Aviles did say that the U.S would be getting the most models, which is ironic considering the amount of people in this country that can’t drive a manual car.

Source: Bimmerpost

Spy photographers caught the future BMW 1M revealing its real bumper, widened fenders, integrated duckbill trunk spoiler, upgraded M wheels, and large brakes with cross-drilled rotors. The car will be unveiled in mid 2011 and wil stay in production until 2013. A Coupe and Cabrio version will be launched in 2013.

Under the hood, we will see BMW’s latest six cylinder N55 with twin-turbo technology and both manual and M DCT transmissions.

The car will feature a central duct, brake air ducts, an additional two ducts on the bonnet, two air intakes on the front wings for a typical M look, and the bar that incorporates the side indicator light.

From what we know of the BMW 1M, it’s looking like we will be receiving 350hp leading us to believe it will stand to compete with the Audi TT-RS amd the Nissan 370Z . Hmmmm...which will we choose?

Check out the links and the galleries to figure it out yourself.

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It’s amazing what you can happen to come upon while taking a ride in the countryside. These photos were taken in Garching, Germany and while some of the images appear to be nothing more then an ordinary traffic jam, but if you look carefully you might notice the red BMW 1-Series that’s sticking out like a sore thumb, which makes these photos a little more interesting.

What’s so interesting, you ask?

Well, if you put one and one together – and by one and one, we mean a BMW 1-Series driving in Garching, which incidentally, is the stomping grounds of the brand’s in house high performance tuners at the M Division – then you just might be looking at the new BMW M1 . Of course, there’s no confirmation of this other than the facts that we have just given you, but looking at the car, it does bear some striking similarities to the new BMW 135i .

Source: 1Addicts

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