BMW 3-Series

BMW 3-Series

  The BMW 3-Series began production back in 1975 and is one of the German automaker's luxury sedans. The 2012 model year will mark the 3-Series' sixth generation since its birth and will incorporate all of the current versions for the luxury car: 2-door coupe and convertible, 4-door saloon, 5-door touring, and 5 door liftback. The new 3-series is expected to be powered with new aluminum four-cylinder gasoline engines ranging from 135 to 220 horsepower. The current model is powered by a choice of four different engine. The 3.0L I-6 produces 230hp and 200 lb-ft of torque, while the 3.0L twin turbo diesel gets 265hp and 425lb-ft of torque. Another option is the 3.0L twin turbo I-6 getting 300hp and 300 lb-ft of torque, and the final engine option is a 4.0L V8 producing 414hp and 295 lb-ft of torque. Engines can be mated to a six-speed manual transmission or a six- or seven-speed automatic.

BMW 3-Series GT

It looks like BMW hasn’t learned anything from the very unsuccessful 5-Series GT , as they are applying the same treatment to the 3-Series . The upcoming 3-Series GT has been caught testing again, this time wearing less camouflage than ever - the biggest sign that its official debut is getting closer. Rumors say that it will be unveiled at the 2012 Paris Auto Show in September.

The upcoming 3-Series GT will drop the 5-Series GT’s twin-door hatch design and will adopt a normal one piece hatch in its place. This will make it about 15 inches longer than the standard 3-Series , but will also improve the interior headroom due to the shooting brake layout. The four-door coupe designed body will combine a set of raised, sliding rear seats with a high lifting tailgate that should make accessing the larger cargo area very trouble-free. This formula may ensure that the 3-Series GT a bit more successful than the 5-Series GT.

As for the engine line-up, expect to see the same options found in the standard 3-Series models. This means there will be a choice of four engines - two petrol and two diesel - with power ranging from 184 HP in the base diesel version up to 306 HP in the 335i version.

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With the launch of the new BMW 3-Series , a slew of tuning variations inevitably followed. Not ones to be left out of the tuning game, Alpina , BMW’s close-knit performance automaker, is preparing the future Alpina B3 Bi-Turbo based off the 335i Saloon. This new model was recently spotted in Southern Europe doing some hot weather testing, revealing some if its new garbs.

The B3 saloon isn’t getting a whole new makeover because, well, if it isn’t broke, then don’t fix it. That being said, it will feature a new lip spoiler, modifications to the lower section of the front bumper, a small boot spoiler, bespoke alloy wheel designs, and a new quad exhaust system. Power will come from a revised version of the current model’s twin-turbo 3.0L straight-six engine that will push out a total of 400 HP and 400 lb-ft of torque instead of the current 360 HP and 369 lb-ft of torque. This is much more in line with the power output we had originally anticipated with the current generation, but never received.

With the B3’s vigorous torque ability from 1,500 rpm onwards to 7,000 rpm, a diesel variant may also be in the works, but won’t be available until at least late 2013. Touring, Coupe, and Convertible version will also follow in the next couple of years. All models will be offered with RWD as standard, while most of them will also have an AWD option.

According to AutoCar, the new Alpina B3 Bi-Turbo will be launched at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show in March, but other sources are stating that we may see it even earlier than that, at the 2012 Paris Auto Show.

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The old term “They sure don’t build ’em like they used to” should always be followed up with a “Good,” because modern cars perform better in crash tests than any of the land yachts of the 1970s. Yeah, these cars may be smaller and lighter than those of yesteryear, but advancements in crumple zones and energy transfer over the decades has made them into very protective shells that crumple into piles of tin for the sake of protecting their passengers.

Unfortunately, all of this technology is not without its flaws, which the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) is now pointing out. The IIHS has developed a new test to mimic the cause of nearly a quarter of all front-end collision deaths, which is called the “small overlap” test. This is when only a small portion of the front bumper impacts another vehicle or an object.

You may be surprised to hear about who’s failing this important new test. Among those tested to receive the IIHS’ worst rating, “Poor,” was the Mercedes Benz C-Class , Lexus IS and ES , and the Audi A4 . Receiving a score of “Marginal,” which is just above poor, is the Acura TSX , BMW 3-Series , Lincoln MKZ , and Volkswagen CC .

Click past the jump for the rest of the results, as well as an obnoxious statement by one top automaker in regards to the testing process.

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The 2014 BMW M3 has been just about everywhere in the past few weeks, getting dragged through numerous testing grounds to ensure that just about everything is on the up and up. Unfortunately, none of this matters to a certain extent because we won’t be seeing the production version until the Frankfurt Motor Show opens up in 2013. Before that, all we’ll see is a concept version of the BMW M3 as it sashays its way onto the 2013 Geneva Motor Show floor.

These new spy shots show a lot of the front end which has previously been draped in camouflage. The stripping away of the camo hasn’t shown us much, except for a sleeker bumper that makes it look like the old one was smooshed to a thinner state. The shape of the air vents has also been modified just a bit, but not enough to make much difference.

The biggest changes for the M3 can actually be found under the hood. Rumors have been floating around that the V8 engine was dropped in favor of a new inline-six, and this was recently been confirmed by President of BMW North America, Mr. Ludwig Willisch. The only thing that has yet to be confirmed is whether or not this new inline-six will be given a boost with two or three turbochargers. Regardless of the technology, the future M3 will deliver at least 450 HP.

For those that love the BMW 328i, but just feel like it is lacking a little something in the styling area, you are not alone. BMW modifiers extraordinaire, iND, have pieced together a beautiful package to help make any 328i look a little more stylish, and sound better too.

Up front you’re getting gloss-black-painted grilles, which help break up the monotony of the 328i’s front end. Adding a little extra style is a urethane front bumper lip from 3D Design. This lip features secure mounting hardware and simple instructions, making for a clean and factory-looking mount.

The 328i’s center of gravity is dropped slightly, using a set of H&R springs. Unfortunately, the amount of drop and the resulting spring rate is not given. Just the drop alone is bound to help increase the 3-Series’ nimbleness. Also helping in the twisties is a set of four pewter 19-inch BBS CH-R wheels, measuring in at 19 x 9.5 inches.

Helping bring the 328i to a stop, iND added in a set of M Performance brakes. This kit includes slotted and drilled rotors, 4-piston front calipers, and 2-piston rear calipers.

In the land of engine performance, iND did very little to the 328i’s performance numbers. The only addition on this entire modification is the installation of an Eisenmann exhaust system. There is no mention on how many ponies this adds, but we assume it will add about 5 to 8 horsepower, which brings its 2.0-liter turbocharged engine up to about 245 to 248 horsepower. Other than the exhaust system, the remainder of the mechanics remain untouched.

Overall, we think that iND did a good job taking a sharp car and making it a little but more stylish. They certainly did not overdo it in this case.

The next generation BMW M3 won’t be showing its face until the 2013 Paris Auto Show, but we’ll at least get to see it undergo its painstaking testing until that happens. Bimmerpost was able to capture the future sports sedan as it endured the hot weather in Spain.

The video shows a little more of the M3’s exterior, but our main focus as we watched it was the sound pouring out of what we suspect is the new inline-six cylinder engine. We believe the previous V8 engine has been dropped in favor of the new V6, but we are still unaware of whether the new engine will be equipped with two or three turbos. Either way, it will boast of 450 HP, an increase over the current model’s 420 HP.

The future BMW M3 will be offered exclusively as a sedan and will show up on US dealerships in the winter of 2014. Before that, we’ll be able to get a closer look at the future model when BMW unveils its M3 Concept at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show.

BMW is buying itself a little more time to organize intel about the next generation BMW M3 sports sedan by presenting a concept version of the sports sedan at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show before unleashing the production model later in 2013 at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Apparently, all of the intense testing the M3 has undergone is still not enough to satiate BMW’s need for releasing a model that will meet or exceed the expectations of the market. Either that, or BMW is just trying to build up an exceptional amount of momentum before letting us have it.

The concept version of the BMW M3 should still offer a close look at the future M3’s general appearance and mechanical package which has been in the speculation ring for months. The next M3 is said to feature the same design language as the larger M5, including a front bumper with large cooling ducts, a lightly altered kidney grille, wider front fenders with the signature air vents, a subtle trunk-lip spoiler, and a special M exhaust system.

The area in which the most rumors have circulated is the engine. Rumors have been going around stating that the next M3 will feature a turbocharged 3.3-liter V6 engine with an output of about 450 HP, making it more powerful and more fuel efficient than the current M3. Whether this is with the help of a bi-turbo or a tri-turbo is still unconfirmed.

The future BMW M3 will be offered exclusively as a sedan and will show up on US dealerships in the winter of 2014.

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BMW 3 Series Sedan

The global automotive market is still faltering, and even brands like Audi , Mercedes , and BMW are taking action to overcome the failing global economy. Part of this process of healing from the downturn is to lower production costs by producing cars closer to their anticipated homes.

Mercedes has already announced that it will manufacture its C-Class in it U.S. plant, starting in 2014. Audi has also let us know that it will be utilizing a plant in Mexico to manufacture certain models. According to reports, BMW’s most popular car, the 3-Series , may be heading from its typical production home over to North America.

Automotive News has released a report that shows BMW is considering moving some of the 3-Series’ production number south of the border, and no, we are not talking about moving it to Austria. We are talking about the 3-Series potentially hailing from Mexico, in the near future.

This report cites Mexico’s lower wages and free trade into the U.S., Canada, South America and some of Asia as its chief reasoning for the consideration. This would likely help boost profits by eliminating or lowering shipping costs, overall manufacturing costs, and even import fees. Don’t look for the 3-Series’ price to drop, though, as this is purely a cost-savings effort, not a price-lowering campaign.

If the project is given the go ahead, production should start ramping up slowly in Mexico in 2016 and increase over the years. We anticipate hearing a final decision on this topic early next year, so stay tuned to see if your “drei zwei fünf “ eventually becomes a “tres dos cinco“ in future years.

Back in 2004, BMW was launching one of the coolest M3 special editions ever: theM3 CSL (Coupé Sport Leichtbau). This model was limited to only 1,400 units, none of which made it over to the US market. Now, German tuner MR Car Design has transformed this very cool M3 CSL into an even cooler race car.

The package starts with replacing the doors and tailgates with new ones made of strong resistant carbon. It then continues with adding a very cool rear wing from a Porsche GT3 . The side and rear windows are made of Plexiglas - a measure done to further reduce the car’s original weight of 3,050 lb.

Under the hood, the original 3.2L engine was provided with modifications to the ECU and was then hooked up to a new exhaust system for a total of 391 HP, up from the standard 360 HP. In order to handle the extra 31 HP, the M3 CSL was equipped with a new brake system consisting of six pistons in the front and four in the back, as well as a new set of wheels.

Finishing off the look is a very cool dark blue color foil combined with racing strips in Bright Blue Metallic and Cherry Red.

The price for this updated BMW M3 CLS by MR Car Design is 130,000 euros - about $160,000 at the current exchange rates - but we think it’s totally worth it!

BMW 3 Series Sedan

There are some pretty shady repossession companies in the world and “reality” shows like Lizard Lick Towing and Operation Repo dramatize some of the shady actions. Well, apparently in South Africa, they take repossessing a car to a whole new level.

A customer took his brand new BMW 320d to a dealership due to defective air conditioning. The dealer never fixed the car to the customer’s liking, so the customer left the 320d at the dealership until either the issue was fixed or he was issued a replacement car. In the meantime, BMW gave him a loaner 325.

There was some kind of misunderstanding between the customer and BMW about how long he was allowed to use the loaner car for, as BMW had tried multiple times to recover said loaner. Well, this last time, BMW sent Netstar to his house armed with guns and a helicopter hovering overhead and allegedly forced the customer to turn over the keys.

After turning over the keys, the customer got a court order forcing the BMW dealer to give him back the loaner car and both sides will have to present their case in front of the High Court within 30 days for a final judgment. The customer claims that BMW said that he could keep the loaner car until the situation is resolved, but the BMW dealer is claiming that the case may take up to three years and they would never loan a car for that long.

In all, this is a messy situation for the dealership and BMW as a whole. We think it might be time for BMW’s corporate offices to step in and just handle this situation and give the customer a new car with correctly operating A/C. It’ll be a small price to pay to keep negative press from spreading too far.

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