BMW 3 Series

BMW 3 Series

  The BMW 3-Series began production back in 1975 and is one of the German automaker's luxury sedans. The 2012 model year will mark the 3-Series' sixth generation since its birth and will incorporate all of the current versions for the luxury car: 2-door coupe and convertible, 4-door saloon, 5-door touring, and 5 door liftback. The new 3-series is expected to be powered with new aluminum four-cylinder gasoline engines ranging from 135 to 220 horsepower. The current model is powered by a choice of four different engine. The 3.0L I-6 produces 230hp and 200 lb-ft of torque, while the 3.0L twin turbo diesel gets 265hp and 425lb-ft of torque. Another option is the 3.0L twin turbo I-6 getting 300hp and 300 lb-ft of torque, and the final engine option is a 4.0L V8 producing 414hp and 295 lb-ft of torque. Engines can be mated to a six-speed manual transmission or a six- or seven-speed automatic.

BMW is well known for their amazing commercials when it comes to their M line-up. The latest one is called "Cake" and features three of the latest models: the M5 , the M3 GTS , and the 1M Coupe . Which one is the best? Sorry, we can’t decide, but feel free to take your pick!

The commercial’s slogan is "Have your cake and eat it too." This is more than appropriate when you take into account the power, style, and luxury offered in BMW models. The BMW M5 is powered by a 4.4-liter V8 engine with an M TwinPower Turbo package that delivers an impressive 560 hp at 6,000 – 7,000 rpm and a peak torque of 502 lb-ft from 1,500 rpm. The M3 GTS gets the same engine, but the output in this model is 450 HP. On the other hand, the 1M Coupe gets a twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter inline-six with 340 horsepower.

German automaker, BMW , is ratcheting up the promotion of their highly anticipated special edition M Performance models. Now, the British market has received a very cool M3 M Performance Edition - a model priced at £74,080 (about $115,000 at the current exchange rates).

The new BMW M3 M Performance Edition comes with an impressive list of standard equipment including: 19" M Y-spoke Matt Black alloy wheels, Dark Chrome exhaust, side gills and kidney surround, jet black bonnet intakes, carbon-fiber front splitters, high-gloss Shadow-line exterior trim, folding exterior mirrors, and sun protection glass.

Next to these impressive elements, the BMW also features a very impressive list of technologies free of charge (sort of speaking, considering the car’s price). Those technologies are adaptive headlights, DAB digital radio, a Harman/Kardon 13-loudspeaker system, BMW Professional Media Package, mobile application preparation, telephone USB audio interface and Internet.

Under the hood, the M3 keeps its usual 420 HP V8 engine combined with a standard seven-speed M DCT transmission.

UPDATE 05/31/2012: BMW has finally dropped the official details and images on their new M3 Performance Edition. Check it out!

With the 2012 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb drawing closer and closer, we’re now getting a pretty good look at some of the cars that will be competing in the annual event in Colorado.

One car, in particular, that caught our attention is this 1995 BMW M3 Coupe . On any other day, cars like this probably go unnoticed, but this one is pretty cool because it’s set to compete at Pikes Peak.

Tuned to race by EV West, this M3 Coupe has been stripped down of pretty much everything that it won’t need on a racing set-up. What it does have now are a number of racing components, including a bucket racing seat, a full-body roll cage, a huge rear wing fitted on the trunk, plenty of carbon fiber panels, and a new set of 17" lightweight wheels.

To ensure that the their M3 Coupe can compete with some of the quirkiest and more powerful Pikes Peak-bound cars competing in the annual hill climb, EV West took out the car’s standard 3.0-liter inline-six engine and replaced it with a twin-air cooled electric motor that produces a staggering 400 horsepower and an even more staggering 700 lb/ft of torque.

A standard BMW 335i Coupe delivers a total of 300 HP and a BMW M3 Coupe pushes out 420 HP. That’s a pretty big difference between the two, but with the proper tuning package, that difference can be dwindled down to less than nothing. Alpha-N Performance has managed to make the 335i even more powerful than the M3 delivering an impressive 450 HP, while also being 550 lbs lighter than the standard model!

Starting with the exterior, the tuner added a pretty impressive kit with ultra-light material carbon components. It includes a new front bumper and an equally adjustable spoiler, a big rear diffuser, a new trunk lid with protrusive spoiler lip, and a huge, adjustable rear wing. The car sits on a new set of 19" wheels combined with a MAC high-performance braking system.

The same skills were used to tweak the interior, as Alpha-N Performance installed Recaro Pole Position carbon seats with full belt safety harness, a steel cage, and a performance steering wheel. Everything else in the car was ripped out to ensure weight optimization.

Aside from that, the tuner’s main focus was the 335i Coupe’s 3.0 liter six-inline engine. The extra 150 HP was achieved through an Alpha-N engine kit that includes bigger turbo chargers, adaptation of engine electronics, a completely new exhaust system, and an enlarged air-to-air intercooler. The last touch was provided through a reprogrammed ECU.


There have been tons of rumors surrounding the engine choice for the next BMW M3 , ranging from a new V6 engine to an inline-six engine with tri-turbo (our favorite rumor), but now, the President of BMW North America, Mr. Ludwig Willisch has finally confirmed that the next M3 will feature an inline 6 layout - the same layout that will be used for the M4 .

Willisch also said that, at some point, BMW was indeed considering a V6 engine for the next M3, but in the end, this choice was dropped. What he didn’t specify was whether or not the new inline-6 engine will get bi-turbo or tri-turbo. Regardless of the technology, the future M3 will deliver at least 450 HP.

Ludwig Willisch also confirmed that the next M3 will be lighter, faster, more powerful, and more efficient than the current M3. It will be offered with an optional or standard manual transmission.

Don’t expect to see the new BMW M3 launched until late in 2013 or early 2014.

Source: F30 Post
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BMW 3 Series Sedan

With Ferrari recently issuing separate recalls for both the 458 Italia and California, we are saddened to bring you more news about another well-known firm issuing recalls on one of its newest models, and it’s none other than the folks over at BMW.

In a press release issued on April 19, 2012, BMW outlines that 7,600 units of the 2012 3-series are being recalled as “they have front seat head restraints that exceed the downward movement limit of 25mm in the highest position” outlined by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Fortunately, this recall will only impact North American vehicles rather than cars being impacted across the globe.

Cars affected were produced between October 18, 2011 and March 18, 2012 and BMW will notify all owners who have cars produced in that time period, and of course all repairs will be conducted free of charge.

BMW only discovered this fault in late April while the 2012 3-series has been in production for well over 6 months and the German brand could have saved itself a lot of trouble by thoroughly checking over all prototypes before entering any world markets.

Nevertheless, recalls seem to be a part of the automotive industry and they just go to show how restrictions vary from country to country and they also show just how difficult it is to enter a variety of markets, something Pagani knows all too well .

Source: NHTSA

Rastatt, Germany is, by most accounts, a place you wouldn’t be able to point on a map even if you’re life depended on it, but that doesn’t mean the town is a mere afterthought. On the contrary, it’s the home of German tuner ATT-TEC, a tuning company that specializes in wicked programs for BMWs .

Their latest project is for the BMW M3 E93 Convertible . Comprised of a complete aerodynamic and performance upgrade, ATT-TEC went to great lengths to give the M3 some serious looking edge. Aesthetically, the tuner gave the sports car a matte black wrapping foil to go with new carbon fiber components, particularly on the hood, the grille, mirrors, and side gills. Then, they fitted the M3 with a new set of 20" one-piece forged ADV.1 rims wrapped in 245/30R20 (front) and 295/20R20 (rear) Vredestein Ultrac Sessanta tires. Finally, ATT-TEC gave the car a KW Variant 3 inox-line coilover kit, which is adjustable for ride height, rebound, and damping.

Moving on to the engine, ATT-TEC fitted an SK I “Sporty Drive” supercharger system from G-Power to the M3’s 4.0-liter V8 engine, before reprogramming its ECU unit and adding a new stainless steel exhaust. The result of all the engine tweaking is a car that now carries an output of 520 horsepower, a 100-horsepower increase from the stock model’s 420-horsepower output.

As far as prices go, the aesthetic modifications cost €2,600 ($3,400) while the complete wheel-and-tire set hits €7,150 ($9,400) with the coil over kit costing €1,929 ($2,500). From there, the supercharger system will cost you €12,740 ($16,800) with the stainless steel exhaust setting you back another €1,595 ($2,100). Basically, customers are going to have to REALLY want to upgrade their M3 to dish out all of this cash.

The BMW M3 E46 is a car that’s already past its production date, but for a tuning company like G-Power , "out-dated" isn’t a word that can stop them from building one of their customary - and impressive - tuning programs.

In order to give this M3 E46 something to brag to about, G-Power decided that the only way to do so was to make it more powerful than the current M3 , the E92. Powered by a 3.2-liter straight cylinder engine that produces 343 horsepower and 269 lb/ft of torque, G-Power fitted a new SK I "SPORTY DRIVE" supercharger system to the car’s engine, resulting in an increased output of 450 horsepower and 339 lb/ft of torque.

In addition to the supercharger system, G-Power also fitted the M3 E46 with a new set of 20" Silverstone Diamond wheels wrapped in Michelin Pilot Sport Tires while also adding a new coilover suspension, a stainless steel muffler, and high performance brakes.

With all the modifications in tow, the G-Power-tuned M3 E46 is now capable of hitting 0-124 mph in just 14.7 seconds with an electronically limited top speed of 186 mph. By comparison, the current M3 - called the E92 - comes with a 4.0-liter, M V8 engine that delivers 414 horsepower.

In their mission to set-up the M3 E46 to be faster and more powerful than the current generation model, G-Power accomplished all that and more.

Didn’t we just feature a BMW M3 that was tuned by the boys over at European Auto Source?

Jump back a few weeks to the middle of March 2012 and you’ll see a similar BMW M3 that was treated to a comprehensive tuning program from VF Engineering and EAS. But while that particular M3 - billed as "Orange Fever" - sported a stealthy matte black carbon fiber look, this M3 is dressed with a custom Matte Estoril Blue Paint finish by C&C Collision. Fancy color notwithstanding, the M3 also gets an aerodynamic kit from Vorsteiner that includes a carbon fiber GTS3 front bumper, a carbon fiber aero boot lid, an aero rear diffuser, and a carbon fiber roof. Matte black kidney grilles and fender gills are also part of the exterior program, as are the carbon fiber mirror caps and the new set of 19" 360 Forged Spec 5 Wheels with Brembo TG BBK brakes.

Under the hood, European Auto Source provided the M3 with a VF620 Supercharger System with its own Vortech V3Si Compressor and 6.0-7.0psi manifold boost pressure, shooting the sedan’s overall output to an impressive 700 horsepower, around 80 more ponies than the Orange Fever M3.

In 2011, the US market received a special edition M3 "Frozen Silver" Competition Edition and now it’s the Brits turn to get in on the Frozen paint job action. BMW will be providing UK customers with a special edition M3 Coupe Frozen Silver Edition as part of BMW M GmbH’s 40th anniversary, and while US customers only got 40 units of the special M3 , British customers will get 100 units to fight over.

On the exterior, the M3 Coupe Frozen Silver Edition features a Frozen Silver metallic paint and a new set of 19" matte black alloy wheels. These features are joined by a new exhaust, side gills, and kidney surrounds in carbon fiber and Jet Black bonnet intakes. The car’s ride has also been lowered by 10mm for an even sportier look. For the interior, BMW has added Black Novillo leather with contrast stitching and Palladium leather armrests and inserts, a new steering wheel sheathed in Alcantara, and plenty of carbon fiber to finish off the look.

Under the hood, the BMW M3 keeps its usual 420 HP V8 engine with power transferred to the road via the standard seven-speed M DCT transmission.

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