BMW 5-Series

BMW 5-Series

  BMW began producing the 5-Series models in 1972 and is currently producing the sixth generation of the luxury car. Sold in both sedan and touring styles, the BMW 5-Series is powered by a single turbo inline-6 N55 and the twin-turbo V8 N63, and is mated to a ZF 8-speed automatic transmission. BMW also released the 5-Series Gran Turismo which is a coupé-like crossover powered by a single-turbo diesel I6 producing 242hp, a single-turbo I6 producing 302hp, and a twin-turbo V8 producing 402hp. These engines are mated to a ZF 8-speed automatic transmission and get stopping power from the new Brake Energy Regeneration system.

Earlier this year, our spy photographers managed to catch the next-generation BMW 5 Series Touring while it was being towed to a test facility in Europe. Today, the next 5 Series was caught once again, but this time we caught both the sedan and station wagon variants.

As you can see, the 5 Series that we caught testing is covered in tons of camouflage, which shows us that BMW BMW is planning a pretty significant overhaul. Unfortunately, it looks like the 5er is still in its early production stages so what you see may not carry over into the production model.

Rumors suggest that the next 5 Series will lose some weight, thanks to the use of next-generation 7 Series -derived CFRP technology. We also believe that the model will feature an exterior design inspired by the Vision Connected Drive concept and an interior stuffed with tons of safety gizmos.

Under its hood, BMW will place an update range of engines, starting with a new 1.5-liter, three-cylinder engine and capping off with a V-8 in the M5 — if BMW decides not to replace the V-8 with the new six-cylinder engine from the 2014 M3 .

The next-generation BMW 5 Series is expected to be unveiled sometime in 2016, making it a 2017 model year here in the U.S.

Updated 03/27/2014: British magazine AutoExpress revealed a series of new info on the next-generation BMW 5 Series set to be revealed in 2016. According to the magazine, the next 5 Series will feature a range of modular engines that use 0.5-liter cylinders, similar to the three-cylinder engine found in the new Mini lineup. BMW i BMW i s still weighing whether customers would actually buy a three-cylinder 5er, but at least the architecture and cost spreading is in place. Additionally, this will be the cleanest engine lineup in the class, set to deliver under 100g/km.

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Chris Harris started the year with a series of models specially developed to deliver great fuel economy. This time around, Harris got behind the wheel of the 2014 BMW 535d .

We’re not very sure what happened and why Harris went from extreme drifting to these obedient reviews, but it looks like someone paid him to treat this car as nicely as he possibly could. Then again, when you’re whipping around a diesel-powered BMW 5 Series , there’s not too much desire to really hammer on it. Rather, this is an elegant and class car that tuned more for mpg than drifting.

Under the hood of the BMW 535d is a 3.0-liter, straight-six diesel engine that delivers a total of 255 horsepower at 4,000 rpm and a stump-ripping 413 pound-feet from 1,500 rpm. The sprint from 0 to 60 mph is complete in just 5.8 seconds and top speed is limited to 130 mph.

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In December, one of the best tuning shows kicks off in Essen, Germany, and AC Schnitzer has already started unwrapping kits it will display on the show floor. The first of them will be based on the BMW 5 Series Touring and as expected, it includes upgrades to the exterior, interior and the drivetrain.

AC Schnitzer is offering power upgrades to pretty much all the models in the 5er Touring lineup, starting with the 520d and up to the 550i with output ranging from 34 to 93 horsepower. As you probably expected, the biggest upgrade is for the 550i, which AC tuned to deliver a total of 525 horsepower — a healthy boost from the standard 449 horsepower.

To help milk this extra power from the various 5 Series models, AC remapped the ECU and added a new exhaust system with sports rear silencer and tailpipes.

Also included is a sharp body kit that gives the 5 Series a new look, while maintaining its overall classy appearance. On the inside, the 5er gets an aluminum gear shifter knob and pedals, as well as high-end velour floor mats.

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BMW just unveiled the revisions for the current-gen BMW 5 Series and our spy photographers already caught the next generation on its way to a testing session. According to the first details we have the next generation 5 Series will arrive on the market in 2016 with lots of improvements when compared to the current generation.

Recent reports suggest that the next 5 Series will lose some weight, thanks to the use of the next-generation 7 Series -derived CFRP technology. The same reports also suggest that the car’s exterior design will be inspired by the Vision Connected Drive concept, while the interior will be stuffed with the latest driver assistance systems.

Under its hood, the new 5 Series will offer an improved version of the current engine lineup, but a high-efficient three-cylinder diesel engine is also rumored to be offered.

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The BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo is still a relative baby in the industry after only making its debut in 2009. But in the short time that its been around, the 5er GT has made quite an impression on a lot of people, but not exactly for the right reasons.

Next to the 5 Series Sedan and Touring , BMW will also be offering a facelift version for the not-so-successful 5 Series GT.

Just like with the sedan and touring, the 5 Series GT has received a host of changes to its design to make it a little more enticing to the public, including a new front bumper, a slightly revised grille, and a new headlight design. On the backside, it will receive a new bumper and taillights with new graphics. All these changes, while extensive in description, don’t really add the kind of eye-popping upgrades that we were looking for in the 2014 model.

The interior of the 5 Series GT is wonderful, though. That’s pretty important considering that with its young age relative to its competitors - the Audi S6 and the Mercedes E-Class, among them - BMW needed something to catch some eyes and pique their interests.

Where the 5 Series GT has the leg up though is the impressive powertrain options being offered. The old N55 engine is still alive and kicking, as is the world famous N63 powertrain that gives some serious noise under the hood of that fastback.

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How would you like a BMW 550i with nearly the same output of a BMW M5 ? Sounds great, right?

Dinan Engineering decided that a 550i can do much more than BMW believes and came up with a tuning kit for it. A standard 550i is powered by a 4.4-liter, V-8 engine equipped with TwinPower technology for a maximum output of 400 horsepower and 450 pound-feet of torque, which are pretty respectable numbers.

The guys over Dinan decided that wasn’t enough and installed larger intercoolers and turbochargers, and remapped the ECU. Also included with the kit is a new exhaust system and a carbon-fiber high-flow intake. All of these upgrades take the final output up to a total of 542 horsepower and 587 pound-feet of torque, which is only 18 horsepower less than the M5 and 86 pound-feet of torque more than the M5. Top speed has also been increased to an amazing 200 mph, which bests the M5’s top rating of 190 mph.

The problem is the price, as a base 550i costs $62,700 and the kit adds another $39,000. This means a total of $101,700. you can snag up an M5 sedan is from $90,200.

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After being caught testing in many times, the revised BMW 5-Series lineup made its world debut today before being put on sale later in July. As no surprise, BMW is offering no major updates on the car’s exterior and look, but it did added a new model to the lineup: the 518d, plus a more powerful V-8 powertrain.

In terms of design the 5-Series sedan received different structured lower air intakes, a modified front apron and more sharply contoured taillights. For the first time the 5-Series is being offered with two new package: BMW Luxury Line and BMW Modern Line packages, both adding exclusive design and equipment features.

For the interior BMW is offering additional chrome trim, more room on the storage compartments, and of course new upholstery colors and interior trim elements.

Updated 05/21/2013: BMW U.S.A announced pricing and release date for the revised 5-Series lineup.

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The sixth-generation BMW 5-Series sedan - or the F10/F11 - was unveiled in 2009 as a 2010 model and the station wagon version, also known as the Touring model, arrived one year later. This would make it a relatively young model, but BMW is already offering a revision for both the sedan and the touring models.

Just like with the sedan , the Touring version also received only minor revisions, including: different structured lower air intakes, a modified front apron and more sharply contoured taillights. For the interior, BMW offers a new chrome trim, more room in the storage compartments, and new upholstery colors and interior trim elements.

BMW is also adding a new 518d and, for the top version, a more powerful V-8 powertrain.

Updated 05/20/2013: This review has been updated with the official details, images and specs.

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Everybody’s producing exclusive models in Japan these days. A few days after Volkswagen introduced the Golf Erste Edition in the Land of the Rising Sun, fellow German automaker BMW is set to have its own limited-run, Japan-exclusive model.

It’s called the 5-Series Executive Sport Edition and as you can tell, it’s been tagged as an exclusive model by BMW because of the multitude of new features added to make it stand out from the rest of the 5-Series models out there.

Only 300 models of the 5-Series Executive Sport Edition will be made. Unfortunately, none of them will hit U.S. shores, so the closest thing we can come to looking at them is through the photos below.

That being said, it’s not like we’re missing a whole lot. It’s still a 5-Series, which is available in our shores, albeit with a few added goodies. But in the end, we won’t be losing a whole lot of sleep knowing that this model will only be available from halfway around the world.

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BMW 5 Series GT

The 5-Series GT is one of the most unsuccessful models in BMW’s lineup, so before deciding if the model will survive or not, the company has prepared some small revisions for it. Our spy photographers have caught the car testing one more time, and as you can see, it has dropped more of its camouflage.

The car is wearing camouflage on only those parts of the body that benefit from this revision. Up front, the revised 5-Series GT will receive a new bumper, a slightly revised grille and a new headlight design that will most likely go all the way to the grille, like on the 3-Series. For the rear, the model will receive a new bumper and taillights with new graphics.

The most important update will lay under the 535i GT’s hood; this model will drop the current N55 engine in favor of a new turbocharged in-line six-cylinder.

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