BMW 5 Series

BMW 5 Series

  BMW began producing the 5-Series models in 1972 and is currently producing the sixth generation of the luxury car. Sold in both sedan and touring styles, the BMW 5-Series is powered by a single turbo inline-6 N55 and the twin-turbo V8 N63, and is mated to a ZF 8-speed automatic transmission. BMW also released the 5-Series Gran Turismo which is a coupé-like crossover powered by a single-turbo diesel I6 producing 242hp, a single-turbo I6 producing 302hp, and a twin-turbo V8 producing 402hp. These engines are mated to a ZF 8-speed automatic transmission and get stopping power from the new Brake Energy Regeneration system.

The Top Gear trio of Jeremy Clarkson, James May, and Richard Hammond may be all fun and jokes in front of the camera, but despite their cunning wit and silly banter, these three all share a unique similarity: they know everything and anything there is to know about cars.

When they say a car is good or bad, their opinions carry more clout than the standard human because they’ve done their homework through countless hours of testing, free drives, and taped segments on the show. And now that we’re nearing the end of an amazingly eventful year, the trio have decided to finally release their choice of vehicles that will be included in the 11th Top Gear Awards.

With categories ranging from Hypercar of the Year, Grand Tourer of the Year, Coupe of the Year, and even Engine of the Year, the three hosts took everything they’ve seen, heard, and driven in 2010 to come up with a winner for each respective category.

In addition to these categories, Clarkson, May, and Hammond also picked their favorite cars of the year regardless of make, model, and type. Care to find out the award winners?

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Studie AG is one of Japan’s biggest dealers and distributors of aftermarket tuning supplies, with a specialty in dressing up BMW’s finest. They usually end up with some pretty bombastic-looking vehicles with elaborate designs and colorful palettes, but this time they chose to go a completely different route.

For this project, the company took a 2010 BMW 5 Series GT and opted for a more subdued paint finish than the bright and colorful hues they’ve been known to use in the past.
For this particular F07 5-Series GT, Studie AG dressed it up in a flat safari green paint finish and christened it the BMW F07 Safari.

At first glance, this car looks to have been taken straight out of a wildlife preserve, but the truth is, there’s nothing “preserved” about this vehicle. Apart from the neat paint finish, Studie AG also enlisted the help of noted BMW aftermarket tuner AC Schnitzer , who provided a front half bumper cover that Studie AG tweaked slightly to make room for a pair of LED driving lights. On top of that, they also put in a set of 19” AC Schnitzer Type IV wheels that measures 19x8.5 at the front with a +15 offset while the rear was given 19x9.5wheels with a +21.5 offset. Studie AG also replaced the hood of the 5-Series GT with a vented version that has rows of louvers on each side.

To complete the whole ‘safari’ look, Studie AG also provided neat graphics on the sides of the car using military font to coincide nwith the safari green paint finish, which, incidentally also looks like the green military color.

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As is the norm with AC Schnitzer , better performance and aesthetics are developed with the highest quality and precision for any BMW . The new F11 5 Series Touring is no exception, and today we introduce to you the latest offerings from Aachen, Germany scheduled to be unleashed at the Essen Motorshow. The 5 Touring is built and designed for practicality and ease of use. Now, thanks to AC Schnitzer, practicality has a pretty face and the show to match the go.

In their usual fashion, the German tuners have developed a tasty list of aftermarket options for the otherwise mundane 5 station wagon. Packages are currently only available for the 5 series diesel derivatives – petrol upgrades are currently being developed. At the center of the new options are the AC Schnitzer performance upgrades that include a stainless exhaust, modified ECU, and stiffer lowering springs. After the conversion, the BMW 530d develops an impressive 286 HP and the uprated 535d now produces an impressive 360 HP, whilst the 520d and 525d develop a powerful 218 HP and 245 HP respectively.

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The BMW 5-Series doesn’t exactly scream speed, but that’s not really its job anyway, right? Luxury is typically the name of its game, but Kelleners Sport wants to hear nothing about that. Their latest tuning package puts a little pep in the sedan’s step with an engine modification and some exterior mods. It’s not exactly a BMW M5 , but it will do for the 9-5ers.

Kelleners Sport has improved on the luxury vehicle with a new KS Power35 module for the BMW 535i that increases the engine’s performance from 306 HP to 367 HP. The peak torque has also been raised from 400 to 480 NM. Like we said, not excessive speed, but it will get the job done.

The aerodynamic package improves the look of the exterior by adding a front apron extension with integrated LED daytime running lights, an RS front spoiler lip, side mouldings, a rear spoiler and rear apron extension with diffuser, and a stainless steel rear silencer with round dual tailpipes. Wheels for this ride can be chosen from 19- or 20" and are available in Matte Black, Polished Graphite Silver, and Polished Platinum Silver. Performance springs have also been utilized to lower the vehicle’s ride height by 30 millimeters.

The interior of the BMW 5-series was mostly left untouched except for the addition of black velour floor mats featuring the Kelleners Sport logo and aluminum pedals.

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Following testing conducted by US NCAP, the 2010 BMW 5 Series has been awarded a full house 5 star safety rating.

BMW has long been the benchmark in the luxury segment for its quality of build and dynamic driving ability, and now with a 5 out of 5 in crash testing, it’s also maintaining elevated levels of safety. In addition to this the new 5 was also awarded a special accolade in recognition of its Assist Advanced eCall - an advanced emergency call system with automatic localization and accident severity detection. Whether BMW have the upper hand in the aesthetics department, we’re not so sure. It definitely is a step in the right direction compared to the old model.

Consumers these days have safety high up on their most sought after features list when purchasing a new car, particularly a family saloon, so this rating should translate into higher profits for the German automaker.

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When it comes to the business of aftermarket BMW bits, AC Schnitzer are the people you speak to. Not only because their quality and fitment is superb, but also because they’re the only BMW approved tuning company – meaning your bulletproof BMW Motorplan remains intact. They offer a host of aesthetic and performance parts for almost every BMW, amongst the favorites being their performance exhaust systems. Not only do they sound much sportier than the factory items, but they also help free up a few horses and Newton-meters to your chosen ride. In this feature you can listen to not only the tuned versions, but also their factory counterparts for an all-round aural experience. Be prepared to fork out some cash though – one of these babies doesn’t come cheap! Cars include: BMW 550i (F10) , BMW Z4 sDrive35is , different versions of the 650 BHP BMW X6M Falcon by AC Schnitzer , BMW 135i and 335i , and the BMW E92 M3 .

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Suspension gurus H&R have released their lowering kits for the Audi RS5 and BMW 5 series touring models.

As newer model cars are launched, research and development in the area of aftermarket parts needs to keep up with newly implemented technology, more so in the luxury segment. The design engineers at H&R have worked tirelessly to ensure the new suspension products work, in certain applications, better than their OEM counterparts.

Barely a hundred of these road rockets have been delivered worldwide and already there are a plethora of aftermarket parts available. The latest of which is a new suspension kit from H&R that lowers the stance and stiffens the body of the menacing RS5. The kit comprises of new, thicker anti-roll bars and lowering springs in either 15 or 25 millimeters - depending on your preference. For serious drivers, they have also developed a fully adjustable coilover system, although if fitted will negate the fancy factory electronic setup.

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We’ve already touched on this before, but its certainly worth saying again given that BMW will be readying three new versions of the 2011 BMW 5-Series Touring at the 2010 Paris Motor Show.

For those of you who think that the station wagon version of the new 5-Series will be ready for US soil down the road, you’re terribly out of luck. We’re not trying to rub it in your faces; it’s just the cold hard truth straight from the mouth of BMW.

So when the Bavarian automaker unveils three new versions of the 5-Series Touring at the Paris Motor Show, including a 525d Touring that packs 204 horsepower, a 535d Touring with twin turbochargers that also produces 300 horsepower, and a 3.0-liter diesel with an in-line six cylinder, don’t expect it to come Stateside – at least for the time being.

We’re still holding up hope, though, that BMW will do an about-face on bringing the 5-Series Touring Stateside – or even Canada, for that matter – but for now, the closest we can come to the car is the Internet.

That is unless we all decide to move to Europe, in which case, dibs.

BMW seems to think it is missing a couple of ducks in their row, and we couldn’t agree more. Until now, the German brand has offered a sedan, a station wagon, and a GT version for their 5-Series , but something just seemed to be missing. Maybe a coupe and cabrio version would help straighten out that previously mentioned duck row. BMW certainly thinks so.

Apparently, a coupe and cabrio version for the 5-Series has always been in the back of the minds of executives over at BMW and they finally decided to do something about it by coming up with a proposal for a Concept car. This decision was a little easier to make once Mercedes announced its plans for a coupe version for the C-Class .

The look of the coupe is going to be similar to the sedan with the addition of two stretched doors and the rear lights from the station wagon model. The front of the car will receive a wider lower opening and re-profiled lights. The same treatment will be applied to the convertible version, which will mostly follow the design language of the 3-Series cabrio with its fully functional hardtop. The hardtop isn’t a sure deal though since there have been talks to drop it in exchange for a large trunk space.

That’s about all we know at this point. Now all we have to do is wait for some BMW exec to "leak" more information or for the concept versions to present themselves.

The German tuner, AC Schnitzer, has unveiled a new tuning package for the latest BMW 5-Series . For starters, the tuner worked on updating the 530d, but the rest of the models on the 5-Series lineup will be getting their modifications soon!

All models will receive an aerodynamic kit that includes a new front spoiler, chromed grille, rear skirt insert with integrated sports exhaust, rear roof spoiler, and rear spoiler and side skirts with chromed design elements.

The interior gets an AC Schnitzer "Evo" sports airbag steering wheel with optional AC Schnitzer carbon steering wheel insert, a carbon interior trim, and a carbon sill trim set, all in black "Exclusiv". The models will also receive an aluminum cover for the i-Drive System Controller, aluminum foot rests and pedal set, as well as gear knobs in leather and aluminum (black anodized), with leather and illumination or digital gear display.

The package also includes an 8-piston high performance brake system, an AC Schnitzer spring kit, and 19 or 20-inch Type IV wheels in BiColor or silver.

This tuning kit for the BMW 5-Series by AC Schnitzer actually reminds us a lot of the kit provided for the sedan by Hamann . Hit the jump to compare some photos!

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