BMW 6 Series

BMW 6 Series

  The BMW 6-Series began its life back in 1976 with the E24 6 Series and saw its second generation unfold in 2003 with the E63/E64 6 Series. This generation 6-Series was powered by a 3.0L inline-six engine (petrol and diesel), a 4.8L V8, and a 5.0L V10 BMW M6 engine. These engines were mated to a choice of a six-speed manual or automatic, and a seven-speed SMGIII. The third generation of the 6-Series is nearing with the first model appearing as the 650i Convertible. The vehicle will be powered by two gas engines: a 6 cylinder twin turbo engine producing 320hp at 5800rpm and a V8 twin turbo engine producing 407hp at 5500 rpm.

The new generation of the BMW 6-Series Cabrio may be reveling in the glow of its unveiling, but not everyone follows the out with the old and in with the new way of life. Lumma Design, for example, isn’t bothering with developing a new package for the next generation Cabrio, but is instead revitalizing an older version for all of us that would like to feel that our old cars can still feel like new. The E64 6-Series is all polished and ready to go, sporting a new ’do in the form of added features for the exterior and interior.

The updated BMW can now be seen wearing a new front bumper, a matching rear apron, a new rear wing, and a new set of 21" polished chrome three-part sport rims. Other add-ons, like the front grille and exterior mirror casings, are sharpened up with the use of carbon fiber. At the back, the convertible makes good use of the 4-pipe sports exhaust system filtering out the power from the eight-cylinder power unit developing 360 HP.

Lumma Design didn’t leave the interior untouched as they added an ergonomically shaped and flattened steering wheel trimmed with carbon and leather, white instrument dials and seat belts, an aluminum pedal set, door sills, a dash panel, a handbrake handle, and seat back shells trimmed in real carbon.

It may not be the brand spanking new 6-Series Cabrio, but this finished product is worth a glance or two.

Barely a week has passed since BMW first pulled the covers off of the 2012 6-Series Coupe and we already have the first tuning company that’s prepared a new aerodynamic package for the car. Say what you want about German tuning firm Prior Design, but they certainly are capable of burning the midnight oil to prepare a program for the 6er faster than you can say ’BMW’.

Judging by the images lined up in a collage fashion, Prior Design looks to have given the 6-Series Coupe a number of new changes, including a redesigned front bumper fascia that’s adorned with LED driving lights inside the air intakes. There’s also a lower lip spoiler that looks to have been made out of carbon fiber and a new bonnet that boasts of air vents on both sides. The fenders on the sides also appear to have been redesigned with new side grilles and side skirts while the rear bumper fascia has also been modified to go with new carbon fiber exhaust tips and a small diffuser. Rounding out the aerodynamic modifications on the 6-Series Coupe is a set of matte black-finished wheels that we’re estimating to be about 18" to 20".

Unfortunately, the German tuning firm has yet to release their performance upgrade on the car, but rest assured, we’re expecting nothing less of a barn burner. Hopefully, Prior Design comes out with all the juicy details sooner than later.

With the new generation 6-Series , BMW will start offering the famous Individual range for this unique convertible. It will be available starting the autumn of 2011 with unique options for paintwork, alloy rims and interior fittings.

The Individual range only includes optimizations made to the car’s exterior and interior. Everything else remains untouched. Meaning that customers will enjoy the performance of the same 4,4 liter V8 engine, but in a better looking car.

As an exterior option, the 650i Individual Convertible can be ordered in an exclusive Tansanite Blue metallic, which is available for the first time, bit also colors like Brilliant White metallic and Agate Brown metallic. No matter what color you will choose, all the paint will be applied in up to seven layers offering this way fascinating iridescent effects, an extraordinary brilliance and exceptional depth.

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While the BMW Concept 6-Series Coupe was wowing the audience at the LA Auto Show, the Bavarian automaker snuck out of the back door and released the official details on the new 2012 BMW 650i Convertible .

Scheduled to go on sale in the Spring of 2011 as a 2012 model for the United States, the 650i Convertible was introduced in a rather low-key kind of way, un-BMW –like if we do say so ourselves.

At first glance, the 650i Convertible looks to have taken in the look of the Concept 6-Series Coupe, not surprising if you know that the completely redesigned fascia of the vehicle runs on the entire family tree of the 6-Series. And while they do share some similarities, particularly in the overall design and make-up of the cars, the two vehicles do have their own differences, with the most glaring and obvious of which is that the 650i Convertible has a soft roof top, compared to the hard-top 6-Series Coupe.

There’s more to be learned about the 650i Convertible that BMW has yet to tell us. But we’re optimistic that given the short turnaround between introduction and release in the spring of 2011, we’re confident that BMW will give us all the necessary information we need of the 650i Convertible soon enough.

Update 01/10/2011: BMW has announced pricing for the 650i Convertible at the 2011 Detroit Auto Show. The convertible will go on sale at a price of $91,375.

Update 04/04/2011: BMW Australia has announced today prices for the new 6-Series Convertible that will go on sale on 29 May. Pricing starts at $194,300 (or about $201,000 US at the current exchange rates) for the 640i six-cylinder in-line TwinPower Turbo petrol engine and $248,300 ($257,000 US) for the 650i V8 TwinPower Turbo petrol engine.

A few days ago we brought you a very cool Rolls Royce Ghost customized by Platinum Motorsport. And since we were very impressed with that tuning package, we decided to offer you details about another tuning package from that same firm. This time, the guys over at Platinum Motorsport have had a go with the BMW 650i Convertible , and the results were equally impressive.

Platinum Motorsports started off the BMW job with the same matte black exterior finish as found on their modified Ghost. They also went ahead and used a set of wheels from the same brand, but this time the 22" wheels were the Agetro W150 and came in a two-tone finish: black with a red outer circle. This is where the Rolls Royce left off, but the BMW surged on. In addition to the paint job and the new wheels, Platinum Motorsports decided to include an AC Schnitzer Aerokit.

The kit for AC Schnitzer includes a pretty impressive front spoiler, side skirts, a rear bumper, and a rear spoiler. And, if you take a look at the car’s rear, you will also notice a pretty impressive exhaust system.

We can’t say we’ve seen a ton of kits from Platinum Motorsport, but we can say that these two have left their mark with their beautiful simplicity. Now all we have to do is wait and see what else is in store for us from these American tuners.

To the person who decided to turn a Porsche Boxster S into a replica Lamborghini Murcielago , this guy will see your work and raise you a BMW 6-Series Coupe that has been turned into a Bugatti Veyron .

While we can’t begin to comprehend the rationale of turning an original 6-Series Coupe into a fake Veyron, some owners – like this one, apparently – think that re-upping your car into something that looks like one of the most expensive exotics on the planet is a way to grab some serious attention. Not that we’d dispute that, we just find it a little absurd considering that a 6-Series Coupe is a perfectly cool car to have under any circumstances.

Having said that, we think that it’s a pretty good take on the Veyron, one that should fool a lot of people especially if they don’t notice the minor detail of this car’s hood being a little longer and less rounded than the Bugatti original.

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BMW’s new generation 6 Series Convertible has been spotted in rural Pennsylvania, and its similarities to the BMW 6 Series Coupe Concept unveiled at the Paris Motor Show are there for all to see.

The new 6 Convertible features the shorter overhangs and wider fender flares than the current model, with dimensions that slot it nicely between the new 5 Series and the 7 Series . The corona ring headlights seen in the new 6-Series Coupe are also retained for the Convertible. The taillights are smaller than the outgoing version and feature the L-shaped LEDs. Although first reports were claiming a hardtop 6 Series Cabrio, all the latest information we received thus far point towards a conventional soft top.

The new BMW 6 Series will feature a combination of diesel and petrol offerings. The top of the range diesel model will be the 640d, powered by the N57 turbocharged straight-6 common rail diesel engine outputting 306 horsepower. The 650i will be the highest offering powered by the 4.4 liter V8 Twin-turbo engine found in the other 50i models – until the new M6 of course. The first U.S. 2011 6 Series model will debut in March of next year in the form of BMW 650i Convertible.

UPDATE 11/05/2010: We finally have an official launch date for the next generationBMW 6-Series : March 26, 2011. BMW UK has placed an invitation on their official web page for those who are interested in being the first to hear about the future convertible.

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Since being unveiled at the Paris Motor Show earlier this year, the 2011 BMW 6-Series has been getting its fair share of face time in the news lately.

The latest rumor involving the all-new 6-Series has it that the car is going to make an appearance in Mission Impossible: The Ghost Protocol. We’re not sure we’re digging the title of the fourth installment of the MI franchise, but that’s not really important right now.

What should be noted is that the 6-Series will be there as Ethan Hunt’s ride-of-choice in his latest daredevil mission. Filming for the movie is already underway in parts of Dubai and the UK where there will be a number of car chase scenes involving the new 6-Series, along with other BMW models.

And if you want to add more wood to this fire, there’s also a rumor coming out that a certain celebrity was invited to a recent preview of the 6-Series Convertible in Munich, Germany. Yep, no other than Mr. Ethan Hunt himself, Tom Cruise.

Very interesting, indeed.

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Now that BMW has pulled together to bring out a new generation 6-Series , CLP has unveiled a new body kit for the BMW 6-Series E63 and E64. This might be the perfect way to say good bye to the old, but successful, model.

The body kit includes a wide front bumper, two front wings, two rear fender flares, left and right side skirts, a rear apron, and a tailgate spoiler merged with the trunk lid. The whole body kit is finished by CLP installed exclusive 3-part alloy wheels with stainless steel trim rings in size of 9.5 x22 inches and 11.5 x 22 inches.

Next to the body kit, CLP is also offering an electronic performance enhancement option that updates the engine’s power to 379 hp and 490 Nm of torque. For those willing to pay a few extra bucks, there is also a CLP muffler with four tailpipes made completely of stainless steel.

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