BMW ConnectedDrive

BMW ConnectedDrive

There may have been a lot of buzz over V12 powered supercars and the next best thing to break 200mph on an average road, but BMW has gone a different route. The BMW Vision ConnectedDrive has made its debut at the Geneva Motor Show and is showcasing all of the technology BMW has been developing and will be integrating into future cars. Just by looking at this concept it is easy to tell that it will never make it to production in this form, but many of the technologies and ideas found within could be coming out sooner than you think.

Official BMW representatives said: "In 2011 the automobile industry is celebrating the anniversary "125 yeas of the automobile," reason enough to not only look back, but also to look forward. Connectivity is one of the key fields of tomorrow’s world. And of course, we at BMW are proud to be among the pioneers of connected driving: for example, with the first on-board internet access in 2008, the first iPod integration in 2004, or the first ultrasound-based park distance control PDC in 1991."

"2011 is also the year in which we are setting course for the future. Initial insights are already available to you now in the Future Lab from BMW Vision Vision ConnectedDrive. Or soon right here, with an extraordinary vehicle concept, which will once again revolutionize driving in terms of comfort, infotainment and safety. Exactly as you have come to expect from BMW."

BMW’s leadership and constant technology contest with Mercedes-Benz has led them to develop some of the best and most intuitive systems in production cars today. This concept shows how the future may render itself in the automotive realm. In a world where your car is as good or better than your office at getting things done – this is place where the ConnectDrive lives.

UPDATE 03/06/2011: BMW has revealed a new video of the Vision ConnectedDrive concept explaining the story behind the vehicle...and what a story it is! Believe it or not, the concept takes its inspiration from the human body and its possibility to adapt to any situation. This is exactly what the concept does with its three major colors: red for safety, blue for entertainment, and green for convenience. The three colors combine to offer the driver the best info on the road at the best time. How exactly? See BMW’s explanation in the video!

UPDATE 08/15/11: BMW has released another video featuring the Vision ConnectedDrive Concept. It’s a three-minute video that reveals plenty of the technological features of the concept car and wrapped around a story that involves 10 easy steps on how to ’steal jewelry’. We’re not sure about the whole message of the video, but it does make for a fascinating look at all the features that come as part of the futuristic Beamer.

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