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Last week, we reported that Ludwig Willisch, CEO of BMW’s North American sales subsidiary, wasfighting to offer its clients an M performance version of BMW’s top of the line sedan: the 7-Series . Now, new details suggest that BMW has indeed trademarked the M7 name, as well as an even more interesting M10, which were both previously registered in October 2010 (M7) and September 2011 (M10).

For the future M7, things are pretty clear. The next generation 7-Series will finally allow BMW to offer a real competitor for models like the Audi S8 and the Mercedes-Benz S63 AMG .

For the M10, all we have to go on is the trademarked name. If we were to speculate, we would say that this is more than likely the name that will be used for a long-denied model: a BMW competitor for the Audi R8 and the Mercedes SLS . BMW has stated many times that the company would love to offer such a model, but have denied its existence on several occasions.

The search for trademarked names continues with the M1 and M2 names, as well as a bunch of i names, ranging from i1 to i9. Considering the i-sub brand was just in the news for being too ahead of its time, these names will probably sit on the sidelines until 2017 or beyond.

In related news, BMW also trademarked the Corniche name that will most likely be used for a convertible version of the Rolls Royce Ghost .

Next BMW M5 might get turbocharged V10

The Bavarian automaker, BMW, is working hard in order to get the next generation of everyone’s favorite high-performance sports sedan, the M5, ready for an unveiling sometime late in 2011. We have just learned a few new details about the future four door , some very interesting ones at that.

First, the F10 BMW M5 will incorporate an power regeneration unit similar to the KERS system found in the Formula 1 race cars that will help the to improve fuel economy as well as give the future M car an electric boost that the driver can request with the touch of a button, just like the F1 car. Similar to GM displacement on demand system, the BMW’s power plant will also be able to shut down a number of cylinders while driving at a relaxed pace around town and use the electric motor for a slight assist.

The next big story is the power plant. The 2011 M5 will feature a design similar to the twin-scroll turbocharged V8 engine found in the X5M /X6M . This is the forward thinking V8 that places the compressors inside the V, making for a much more compact layout for the engine. The big new is that in order to create a V10, two more cylinders must be grafted onto the existing block. The BMW built engines will then be mated to either a dual-clutch gearbox (DCT) or a more advanced sequential manual gearbox (SMG), but no matter how they are shifted, there will be 8 gears for each. The new M5 is shaping up to be an even more powerful replacement for the already impressive 500+ HP M5.

Source: BMW Blog

Do you know which are the best kept secrets among automakers? Their future top models! But you will say why do they still want to develop supercars if people are doing their best to find Eco, Blue and hybrid solutions? Well simple: because supercars is what keep a maker alive, and from the edge of the top models will also benefit the subordinate vehicle series.

And supercar will always have success, no matter how many restrictions there will be! Lets be serious now, if you had the money what would you buy: a Prius or an Enzo (or any other combination you prefer)?

Lets take BMW for example, they have already trademark the "M10" name for a future supercar that is supposed to be a replacement for the legendary BMW M1, built between 1978 and 1981.

The M1’s successor will be powered by a ten-cylinder twin turbo-charged engine and will feature direct fuel injection. The performance target: 625 hp and a top speed of 400 km/h!

BMW will also offer an entry-level version that will be powered by twin turbo a 4.4 liter V8 engine that delivers 450 hp.

The M1’s successor will debut in the next 24-36 months and will be priced between 150.000-300.000 euro depending on the engine.

Read our preview of the 2010 BMW M10.

Source: Autozeitung
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Last year in September, BMW has registered three new trademarks; the M10 was one of them. Set to be released in 2010, the M10 will compete with the Audi R8 and the Porsche 911. The car is expected to be price way below $130.000.

In September, BMW has registered three new trademarks; the M10 was one of them. Set to be released in 2010, the M10 will compete with the Audi R8 and the Porsche 911. The car is expected to be price way below $130.000.

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The Concept CS shown by BMW at the recent Shanghai Auto Show is widely rumored to be the next hot big bimmer. Details about the car are now leaking out, including word that it will probably be powered by a V-12 derivative of the current V-10 used in the M5 and M6. The possibility exists, however, that it will merely get a blown version of that same V-10 engine. Either way, the car is expected to be a rear wheel drive two door, with power substantially more than 500 hp. The expectation (...)
According to, BMW i BMW i s working on a new model, to be called M10, that will compete with the Audi Audi R8 and the Porsche 911 and that is supposed to be released in 2010. The design of the M10 will be inspired by the CS Concept unveiled at the Shanghai Auto Show. Also the German magazine reports that BMW does not want to build a central engine. Instead the M10 will feature FWD system. As about the engine, is not sure yet if BMW BMW will use the same engine used in the M5/M6, a V10 with (...)
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