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It is a well-known fact that cars like the BMW M3 and the larger M5 are so perfect that they are nearly impossible to make any better. That’s about as perfect a sports sedan can be. You could toss in a custom cat-back exhaust, new mufflers and larger wheels and that is about it. Going any further with engine mods will ruin the fun of owning a BMW M-series.

You can, however, add on an aftermarket body kit, if you like, and give the M5 a little extra style.

Vorsteiner, a California-based tuner, has an upgrade kit that can help make your M5 stand out. The company has just released aero mods for the 2014 BMW M5 . The kit includes a front carbon-fiber spoiler and a rear diffuser both of which are cured in an Autoclave for increased strength and durability. The carbon-fiber composites are treated with a four-stage, UV-inhibiting clear lacquer coating.

Vorsteiner also offers unique 19-, 20-, 21- or 22-inch wheels with widths ranging from 8.5 to 13 inches, and a cat-back exhaust for the F10 BMW M5. You also get a couple of Vorsteiner badges and other minor exterior modifications.

Aside from the cat-back exhaust, there are no other engine mods to speak of on this Vorsteiner-modified M5.

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Like its name suggests, the fellas at Heat 2 Head like to put some of the coolest cars on the road against one another to see who comes out the victor. In the latest episode, the guys put two German heavyweights against each other: the the 2014 BMW M5 Competition and the 2014 Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG S Model . Jonny Lieberman and Mike Shaffer have the pleasure of putting these two muscular machines against each other, and they do a rather fine job of dissecting each car’s good and bad features.

The M5 and the E63 AMG deliver a combined 1,152 horsepower and 1,092 pound-feet of torque: 575 horsepower from the M5 and 577 horsepower from the E63 AMG. On paper, it looks like the two sedans are identical, but which of the two perform better with your derriere in the driver’s seat?

The guys first took the two sedans to the dyno gurus at K&N engineering to validate the to-the-wheel numbers. With these numbers in hand and some rough — and flawed — estimations on what the car’s put out at the crankshaft, the two were ready to hit the track.

Check out the video to see which of the two sedans comes out on top.

BMW’s taste for performance really knows no bounds. The German automaker has time and again taken some of their high-powered performance cars and given them that race car feel normally accustomed for cars that really are made for racing.

But such is the case when you have a company with the drive and passion of BMW. Nothing’s left to chance, and when there’s an opportunity for improvement, it’s the first one out the door and working on the garage.

The company’s latest line of M Performance Accessories for the BMW M5 is proof of that.

Just like the similar M Performance package for the M6, the M5 received a steady dose of exterior upgrades, beginning with the unmistakable red and blue body stripes, which goes really well with the gloss black grille and the Akrapovic titanium exhaust system that neatly weighs just 10kg (22 lbs), lighter even than the standard model’s exhaust. Carbon fiber components are also part of the package and you can see them neatly distributed throughout the sedan with the prominent ones, including the rear spoiler, mirror caps, and the rear diffuser.

Moving inside, customers can choose from a wide range of dress-up options, highlighted, at least in our eyes, by a carbon fiber trim. There are also leather and Alcantara treatments, particularly the steering wheel, as well as stainless steel pedals and BMW M Performance floor mats.

Notwithstanding all the things we love about the BMW M5, this Performace Accessories package really does give BMW’s sports sedan that added shine, doesn’t it?

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For the 2014 model year the BMW updated the M5 sports sedan with a new Competition Package that will add an extra 15 horsepower under the hood, plus a more aggressive exterior look.

If you remember correctly, up to this point there was pretty much no one had the chance to test it. Except that now, Carlos Lago from Motor Trend got the chance to get behind the wheel of the most powerful M5 ever - tuned versions excluded of course.

In the latest episode of Ignition, Lago took the M5 equipped with the Competition Package on the test track at Hyundai’s Proving Grounds and tested it to see how the new updates improve its driving dynamics.

So, check up the video to see if the extra power and the recalibrate suspension and steering are enough to make this incredible sedan to drive better! Enjoy!

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The Japanese market received yet another special edition from BMW : an M5 Nighthawk Edition. This special model is limited to only 10 units and is available for order exclusively in August with deliveries beginning in October.

The model features BMW Individual Frozen Black Matte exterior paint combined with dark chrome on the kidney grille, door handles, exterior mirrors, exhaust finishers and diffuser. The model sits on 20-inch M light-alloy wheels and features a new exhaust system with black end pipes.

For the interior, the model gets a full-leather Merino trim in bright Sakiru orange combined with a BMW M Performance carbon interior trim.

The model comes equipped with the recently launched Competition Package that increases the bi-turbo V-8’s output to a total of 575 horsepower. As a result, the 0-to-100 km/h mph sprint time drops 0.1 seconds from the base M5 to 4.2 seconds.

On the Japanese market, the new M5 Nighthawk is priced at ¥18,200,000 , which is about $180,000 at the current exchange rates.

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BMW’s decision to offer a revision for the M5 is a little bit surprising for us, considering the new generation was just unveiled at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show. Still, it looks like the company wants to keep the M5 as fresh as all the other models in the 5 Series lineup . After being tested for a few months, the revised M5 made its world debut today and will be put on sale later in July.

Just like in the standard version, the M5 is going to receive only minor revisions on the front and rear. BMW will add in updated headlights and a new kidney grille, a new rear bumper and new graphics for the taillights.

The new M5 keeps the usual V-8 engine, but, for the first time, BMW is also offering a Competition Package that adds an extra 15 horsepower.

Updated 05/19/2013: This review has been updated with the official details, images and specs.

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BMW Sets New Guinness World Drift Record

A few days ago, BMW was positively beaming in reporting about its latest achievement. No, Bimmer didn’t introduce a new car or win any races. What it did was set a new world record and a pretty impressive one at that.

Actually, the record for longest drift was set back in February by Johan Scwartz while piloting a BMW M5 and covering a ground of 47.71 miles. Well, it didn’t take long for Schwartz to break his own mark , besting it over the weekend at the BMW Performance Center near Greenville, South Carolina.

This time around, Schwartz, using the same BMW M5, managed to run a total of 322.5 laps around a circumference of 841 foot circle. All told, he was able to travel a distance of 51.278 miles - while drifting.

When news of the record-setting mark first hit our news feed, BMW kept a video of the attempt under the covers. But now, Bimmer has finally released it and you can enjoy the whole show when you click past the jump.

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It looks like BMW is having all the fun in the world smashing the strangest world records out there. Back in February, a BMW M5 with Johan Schwartz behind the wheel entered the Guinness World Record Book for the longest drift: 76.8 km (47.71 miles). Now, Schwartz managed to smash his own record while driving the same unmodified M5.

This time the record was established at BMW Performance Center near Greenville, South Carolina on Saturday, May 11, 2013. This time, he did a total of 322.5 laps around a circumference of 841 foot circle, providing a total distance traveled of 51.278 miles.

This event is just the first of many during a week of events leading up to the BMW Charity Pro-Am. To date, a total of $20,000 has been raised with benefits going to more than 150 charities.

Those attending the world record were invited to enjoy drives in new BMW vehicles, including the M6 Coupe or received a "hot lap" ride from one the BMW Performance Center Instructors.

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Ohio-based tuner, Switzer Performance, is famous for its upgrade packages for two-door models like Porsches and the GTRs, but this the tuner turned its attention to a four-door model: a BMW M5 . Called P700, the new package is all about increasing the engine’s power and can be yours for a price of $6995.

In the standard garb, the BMW M5 a 4.4-liter V-8 engine equipped with M TwinPower Turbo helps the M5 deliver a total of 460 horsepower and a peak torque of 502 pound-feet. However, Switzer thought that the M5 could do much better than that and we totally agree. So, Switzer went to task installing high-flow, drop-in air filters, a removable engine control module and a new high-performance, stainless-steel exhaust system. This new exhaust system includes less-restrictive mufflers and larger-diameter pipes.

The result is an output of 700 horsepower, hence the P700 name, and of 640 pound-feet of torque. We have no idea how this kit will improve the car’s performances, but it’s definitely much faster than the standard M5’s 4.4-second 0-to-60 mph time and 155 mph top speed.

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If you ask a Bimmer fan which is the best model launched on the market in the past few months, the M5 will most likely be on the top of the list. In fact, even the guys over Top Gear were impressed by the sports sedan. So, why update it? Well, because you can!!

Vorsteiner, for example, has prepared a tuning kit for the M5 that includes a new aerodynamic kit made in carbon fiber, new wheels and numerous performance products.

For the exterior, the new kit includes a new add-on spoiler, a new splitter and for the rear, a new deck-lid spoiler and a new lightweight trunk lid with integrated wing profile. The tuner also replaced the rear diffuser, so it now integrates the new exhaust system offered in two versions: either stainless steel or titanium.

The Vorsteiner M5 will be offered with new forged wheels offered in various sizes, depending on customer’s wishes: 20, 21 or 22 inches. For the interior, the modifications are limited to embroidered floor mats and trunk mat accessories.

The new BMW M5 kit will be available starting April 2013.

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