BMW went into deep into "M" car history with the M1 Hommage , but that wasn’t as far as it could have. Racer X Design decided to go back to the beginning, and make a modern interpretation of the first car to wear the "M" badge with the M6 CSL.

BMW M6 CSL - why not?

Although design studies are not our favorite on TopSpeed, Racer X is a real design house, and has made something pretty striking. It took the current BMW M6 and added the livery from the original 70s 3.0 CSL. But the best part of this design is that it took the lines of the current car and shaped them into something more aggressive, and looks like it was inspired by Alfa Romeos .

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BMW owners have had a love/hate relationship with the iDrive since it first appeared in 2002. Some loved the extra features it added to the cars, and others couldn’t understand how the company who builds the ultimate driving machine could possibly install something so complicated that it distracts from the road. Now in an effort to appease both sides, BMW is introducing a simpler, but still technology-filled, iDrive.

New iDrive generation for the BMW M3, M5 and M6

With the launch of the first official images of the facelift M3, BMW also announced that the 2009 M3, M5 and M6 will feature the new generation iDrive control system which will facilitate even easier activation and control of the most important entertainment, communication and navigation features as well as a number of other functions.

The models BMW M5 and BMW M5 Touring, the BMW M6 Coupe and the BMW M6 Convertible are all equipped with the new iDrive control system as standard. It also comes with the BMW M3 in conjunction with an optionally available navigation system.

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BMW reveals Competition Package for 2009 M6

For those who don’t think his M6 is aggressive enough, BMW has now introduced a new ’Competition Package’ that gives the M6 an even more performance-oriented profile. The Competition Package includes new chassis lowered by 12 millimeters at the front and 10 millimeters on the rear axle, adapted chassis control systems and forged aluminum wheels with double-spoke design. Also featured re-contoured hood with two raised precision lines also emphasises the enhanced dynamic characteristics.

BMW will unveil the next generation M6 in 2012 and here’s how the car might look like.

The next generation M6 will be codenamed F12 and will be sold under two different versions: a regular M6 and a CSL M6.

There are no other news about the engine, or the technical parts, but it is rumored the M6 will have a glass roof or a Carbon Fiber roof.

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G-Power, the well-known tuning company specialised in Bmw vehicles unveiled its latest masterpiece: the G-Power M6 Hurricane based on the Bmw M6 Convertible. The vehicle enters in the exclusive list of one of the most powerful convertibles in the world. Powered by a 635 hp V10 engine, the car can accelerate from 0-100 km/h in just 4.6 seconds, 0-200 km/h in 11.9 seconds and from 0-300 km/h in 34.5 seconds from standstill. Although the M6 is usually limited at 250 km/h, The G-Power Hurricane is limited at 320 km/h in order to respect the safety regulations but according to the manufacturer the top speed can be close to 335 km/h.

G-Power M6 Hurricane based on the Bmw M6

The performances of the car need high performance components, that’s why the tuning company changed almost the entire bodykit of the car. The new kit consists in new front apron made from light carbon fiber, new side skirts, re-designed rear bumper and new rear air diffuser with integrated exhaust system. Price of the vehicle? 183,000 Euros.

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Those, who want the Mercedes C class (W204) provide with a sportier handling, now can order from KW automotive a coilover suspension V3, especially developed for this model. It allows a customized lowering between 30 and 55 mm at the front axle and 20 to 50 mm at the rear axle. The coilover suspension V3 for the C class is available with immediate effect. KW automotive´s programme for the midsize saloon starts with sports springs (lowering: 30 mm), also available immediately.

KW suspension for BMW M6 and Mercedes C-Class

The BMW M6 (Type M560), too, can be equipped with a coilover suspension V3 also featuring the groundbreaking stainless steel technology „inox-line”. Here, the possible lowering is between 15-45 mm at front and rear axle. The coilover suspension for the strongest BMW 6 series model is available with immediate effect. Specialty of this suspension set is a module, which deactivates the system for the factory mounted electronic dampers (EDC).

BMW released the specifications and pricing for the 2008 M6 Coupe and Convertible. . Aside from the handsome carbon-fiber-roofed M6 Coupe, the M6 Convertible also benefits from updates that the 2008 6 Series—the vehicle which these M vehicles are based on—received for the new model year. These revisions includes subtle styling enhancements, updated interior controls and details, revised exterior lighting, new standard and optional equipment and enhanced iDrive features for greater flexibility. Pricing start from $100,075 for the Coupe version and from $105,875 for the Convertible version.

You don’t need a supercar to hit and pass the 200 mph limit. If you have a M6 in your garage and a good road, you can speed up at more than 200, more exactly 206 mph like this guy. Enjoy!

You don’t need a supercar to hit and pass the 200 mph limit. If you have a M6 in your garage and a good road, you can speed up at more than 200, more exactly 206 mph like this guy. Enjoy!

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If you have money to spend and want to buy a real nice car, Cars.com made a list with top ten cars over $100,000 cars. But even if the list is very long allready, the trend doesn’t look to be ending anytime soon, either. New $100,000-plus entries from Porsche and Aston Martin are on the way, and even BMW BMW and Mercedes Mercedes -Benz are looking to produce new, rarified models. But from all the offers which one is the best? Cars that made the list had to sticker between $100,000 and $200,000 and go (...)
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