BMW 7-Series

For all the strides BMW has made in expanding its lineup, one model that’s still noticeably absent from its fleet is a performance-oriented 7 Series .

Talk of a potential M7 has floated around for years, but nothing has really come out of it, leading a lot of people to think that Bimmer is more than content letting Audi and Mercedes enjoy the high-performance luxury segment with the S8 and S63 AMG , respectively.

But not everybody inside BMW seems to agree to this point, including M development chief, Albert Biermann. Speaking to Autocar, Biermann indicated that if he had a say on the issue, he would emphatically call for the M division to develop the M7 so that it could compete with its aforementioned rivals, not to mention the suddenly resurgent Jaguar and its prized luxury cat, the XJR .

Biermann did acknowledge that, while he feels strongly about having an M7, the company still has no current plans to make one, nor does it have any intention to do so in the foreseeable future.

Those who believe that an M7 isn’t feasible can likewise point to the Alpina-tuned B7 as the car that can generally match wits and power with the S8s and S63 AMGs of the world. To that, Biermann contends that a B7 and an actual M7 could be packaged as two totally different models with the latter making full use of Bimmer’s performance division.

But as they say, one voice won’t exactly lead to the change of battle plans and Biermann appears to be resigned to the fact that an M7 isn’t in the cards for the time being. It’s a consequence that could be attributed to BMW’s approach to limit its M models, opting instead to package its new babies as M Performance models the same way its doing with the X3 and the X4 .

It’s a shame considering that an M7 would’ve been awesome. Really, really awesome.

Note: photo is of the 2013 BMW 7 Series

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Source: Autocar UK
BMW 7-Series

Last week, we reported that Ludwig Willisch, CEO of BMW’s North American sales subsidiary, wasfighting to offer its clients an M performance version of BMW’s top of the line sedan: the 7-Series . Now, new details suggest that BMW has indeed trademarked the M7 name, as well as an even more interesting M10, which were both previously registered in October 2010 (M7) and September 2011 (M10).

For the future M7, things are pretty clear. The next generation 7-Series will finally allow BMW to offer a real competitor for models like the Audi S8 and the Mercedes-Benz S63 AMG .

For the M10, all we have to go on is the trademarked name. If we were to speculate, we would say that this is more than likely the name that will be used for a long-denied model: a BMW competitor for the Audi R8 and the Mercedes SLS . BMW has stated many times that the company would love to offer such a model, but have denied its existence on several occasions.

The search for trademarked names continues with the M1 and M2 names, as well as a bunch of i names, ranging from i1 to i9. Considering the i-sub brand was just in the news for being too ahead of its time, these names will probably sit on the sidelines until 2017 or beyond.

In related news, BMW also trademarked the Corniche name that will most likely be used for a convertible version of the Rolls Royce Ghost .

BMW 7-Series

In a recent interview, Ludwig Willisch, CEO of BMW ’s North American sales subsidiary, offered a few more details regarding the company’s plans to expand its M line-up. He said that the American market is pressing BMW corporate headquarters in Munich to add an M variant to its new BMW 7-Series , even though BMW has said that the M7 will never happen. Now, this negative response to the production of the M7 may be changing, especially with Willisch’s counterpart in China also asking for the same thing. "I think we will get it," the BMW North America CEO said, but his lips were sealed tight after that, skipping out on offering any further details such as a launch date prediction.

Our hopes of seeing yet another M model gracing the BMW showfloor are high, but Willisch also reiterated that not all BMW models would get an M version. For example, he said that an M variant will never happen for models like the X1 or the X3 . Instead, models like this will get a range of accessories through its new M Performance line. These options will improve the models’ general look, but won’t add significant performance upgrades.

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