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We’re still scratching our heads about the upcomingBMW Progressive Activity Sedan (PAS) . We’re not quite sure where this Mercedes R-Class competitor really fits in the BMW line-up.

It seems we are not alone. The car has just been reported to have gotten a full green light for production, and the BMW spin machine is already in full effect. A BMW executive told Autocar that the PAS is, “one of the bravest designs ever signed off by BMW”, and another insider called it a “modern grand tourer with a luxury cabin and interior flexibility”. While the overall car still defies definition to us, BMW is now characterizing it as a “5-Series GT”. That’s very PR friendly.

Even though all of this may sound like good things, it still doesn’t explain why anyone would really want to buy one. But the truth about the PAS can’t hide forever. Autocar also found an insider that suggested BMW is aware of an ageing population who now find conventional sedans’ seat positions too low for comfort. In other words: a BMW for old people.

It could be the idea behind the PAS is to give grandpa something to drive when he can no longer get into the Z4 . So, just like how you told him it wasn’t an “old folks home” but an “active senior’s community”; don’t tell tell him it’s a “progressive activity sedan” but a instead “5-Series GT”.

Source: Autocar

Many great cars have died or have been delayed due to the slowing economy, but just to prove that there is no God when it comes to cars, BMW’s head-scratching PAS is still on an uninterrupted track for a spring of 2009 premier.

The PAS (Progressive Activity Sedan) is supposed to mix the elements of a sedan, wagon and mini-van, which means two out of the three elements are cars that most people are usually forced to drive. It’s also rumored that this car that deifies a real identity will at least come with some good engines. There should be a range of ten powerplants over the international line starting with a 2.5-liter 218 horsepower six cylinder engine and topping out at with a 408 hp twin-turbo V8.

We’ve even tried giving this car a cool name like P6 , but now CAR is reporting that the PAS will instead directly tarnish the 5-Series image. BMW’s wagon-like SUV will be given a 5-Series badge with an additional title (just like a 5-Series wagon is called a 5-Series Touring.) In fact the design of the PAS should be a good indication of the redesign of the 2010 5-Series .

Source: CAR

The future BMW PAS has been caught testing HohenSchwangau, about a 2 hour drive from Munich where the BMW headquarters is. As you can see from the spy photo the headlamps will probably follow the theme set by the new F01 7-Series; same will happen with the large kidney grille.

Like the latest X6 Concept, it will come as a basic four-seated version and will be built on an all-wheel-drive system. The difference between the X6 and the PAS is that the X6 takes its genes from the X5, while the PAS is inspired by the future 5-Series Touring.

The PAS will be offered with four different engines: the PAS 3.0d with 245 hp and 550Nm; the PAS 3.0sd with 300 hp and 650Nm; the PAS 3.0si with306 hp and 400Nm and the PAS 4.0si powered by a V8 diesel engine with 408 PS and 600Nm.

Source: paultan
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Here’s an exclusive rendering of theBMW Progressive Activity Sedan (PAS) . What we know so far about the car is that it will slot between the 5 and 7-Series sedans, and it should be available with a variety of six and eight-cylinder engines that give it a horsepower range of 272 to 420. Production should begin next year.

It seems that BMW already has enough cars in its stable to satisfy the market the PAS is trying to occupy. But like any good German automaker, it wants to keep up with the domestic competition. The five-passenger PAS will be built spacious enough to be used as a direct competitor to Mercedes R-Class .

So what will BMW name the new car? It can’t stay PAS, because BMW hasn’t used a pure letter designation car since the Bavaria of the early 70s. So, if the PAS is bigger than a 5-Series but smaller than a 7-Series , then it should be called the 6-Series . No, already have one of those. Ok, it looks kinda SUV-ish, how about the X6 ? Nope, already got that too.

What BMW will likely have to do is designate a new letter class for the PAS (such as “Z” for sports coupes/roadsters and X for SUVs.) BMW may be providing a hint with the PAS name, as in the new class will be “P”, “A” or “S”. Because of the car’s size, the name will likely include a “6”, and if it used the “A” or “S” designation it would be confused with an Audi. So by elimination, we are saying that BMW will call the car the P6.

Can you do any better, please help?

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From the "Are they serious?!" file comes a new spy shot of the BMW PAS . The Progressive Activity Sedan (PAS) answers the question no one asked: "What would a wagon that’s bigger than a 5-series but smaller than a the 7-series look like?" I thought that’s why the not-so-useful X6 was developed. Honestly, I think BMW is building the PAS just so the "Bangled" designs have something to make them look good.

Source: BMW Blog

BMW will unveil its new PAS (Progressive Activity Sedan) this year at the Frankfurt Motor Show. And while waiting for the show to come, the car was caught having a "siesta" under a tree. Built on the new 5 Series platform, the PAS will be powered by a 3.0-liter six-cylinder engine delivering 272 horsepower. A direct-injection V8 delivering 420 hp is also possibly in the PAS’ future.

Source: Caradisiac

BMW will unveil its future PAS (renderings by AutoBild) at the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show, while sales will begin shortly after.

With a length of 4.90 meter, the future PAS will be longer than the new X6 SUV. Placed between the 5 and the 7-Series, the future PAS will borrow the engines from the future 5-Series. It will be offered as a RWD model, but FWD will be offered as an option.

Power will start from 272 hp for the 3.0-liter six-cylinder engine and will go up to 420 hp for the V8 version.

2009 BMW PAS Spy shots

BMW is working on a new model that will be placed between the 5 Series wagon and the 2009 X6 SUV. As you know by now for sure, this new model is the Progressive Activity Sedan (PAS) that will be launched in 2009.

The PAS is based on the new BMW 5 Series platform and will be powered by a 3.0-liter six-cylinder engine delivering 272 horsepower, and possibly a future direct-injection V8 delivering 420 hp.

Compared to the 5-Series it will feature a higher driving position, more passenger space and a much bigger boot, accessed by a large hatchback.

Source: Inside Line

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