The X1 was lunched in 2010 and is available in a 2-litre diesel and petrol engine. there is no 4WD option and this Sports Activity Vehicle (SAV) Is the cheapest BMW in the country. Its competitors are the Honda CR-V, Chevrolet Captiva and the Mitsubishi Outlander.

By now, it’s clear that BMW has a soft spot for the Japanese market. The Bavarian automaker has made a habit of launching limited-edition models in the Asian country, so we’re not surprised at all that it’s set to release another on. This time around the special model is called the X1 Exclusive Sport. Yes, it’s only been a week since BMW presented the Z4 sDrive GT Spirit , but who’s really counting anymore?

The X1 Exclusive Sport is limited to just 160 units, so yes, it is certainly something special. More importantly, it has all sorts of bells and whistles to justify its label. But this SUV does come at a relatively steep price, as it will run our Japanese petrolhead friends a cool 5.190 million yen, which converts to $51,100 as of 7/15/2014. That’s a whole lot of scratch for an X1.

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With less than a year left until production begins around the world, the second-generation BMW X1 is slowly revealing itself as testing continues on public roads. Caught roaming the streets somewhere in Germany by our skilled spy photographers, the 2016 X1 showcases its production headlamps for the very first time.

Although most of the crossover’s front end is still camouflaged, the new headlight configuration suggests the upcoming X1 borrows its front fascia from the bigger BMW SUVs . We expect the new headlamps to connect with the chrome surrounds of the reshaped, taller kidney grille, meaning the X1 will carry a lot of character up front, albeit it will be less muscular when compared to the X5 .

Nonetheless, the next-gen X1 is just an evolution of the current model, so don’t expect any overwhelming changes inside and out except for the introduction of the front-wheel-drive, UKL architecture that underpins the new Mini Cooper and the upcoming BMW 1 Series Active Tourer.

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Like numerous other automakers around the world, BMW is knee deep in ice and snow, as it is testing its upcoming models in wintery weather. This time around it was the 2016 X1 that our spy photographers caught cruising in the snow. The model was caught testing today somewhere in Sweden and, judging by the heavy camouflage it’s wearing, it looks like BMW engineers still have lots of work to do.

The X1 will be built on the company’s new front-wheel-drive platform (UKL) that will also underpins the new Mini and will be under the new 1 Series Active Tourer. This new platform will give BMW BMW the ability to offer more space in the new X1, as well as reduced production cost. Front-wheel drive will be standard on the X1, but BMW will offer all-wheel drive on models with more powerful engines.

Under its hood, BMW will offer the same engine as in the current model, but with modifications lower fuel consumption.

Expect a debut in September 2015 as a 2016 model.

Expect the new BMW X1 to be unveiled in September 2015 as a 2016 model.

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Last time we caught the 2015 BMW X1 it was getting a lift to another testing site aboard a flatbed truck. Today, however, our spy photographers managed to catch it while testing on the streets of Germany. The X1 that our spy photographers caught still weard tons of camouflage, which is a clear indication that BMW has lots of work to do until the final product is ready.

What we do know so far is that the new X1 will sit atop BMW’s new front-wheel-drive UKL platform, which will also be used for the new Mini and 1 Series GT . This new platform will give BMW the ability to offer more space in the new X1, and keep production costs as low as possible.

Along with to the standard front-drive system, the X1 will also be offered with an optional all-wheel-drive setup. The AWD configuration looks to be the setup that will have the most engines available, since it will be better suited for the higher-output powerplants.

The BMW X1 is expected to be unveiled in September 2015.

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Rumors have been circulating about a the next-gen BMW X1 for quite some time now, but this is the first time we’ve caught one in the wild. Internally called F48, the next X1 was spied while being transported between two different test facilities in Germany on the back of a flatbed tow truck, so we still have yet to catch one in action.

The 2015 X1 will be built on BMW’s new front-wheel-drive platform, which is known as the UKL (German for "Unter Klasse" or "entry level"), and that same platform will see use on the new Mini and the upcoming 1 Series GT.

The new front-wheel-drive platform gives BMW the ability to offer more space in the upcoming X1,and reduce production cost. Though the X1 will come standard with front-wheel drive, BMW will offer all-wheel drive with the X1’s upper-level engines.

Expect the new BMW X1 to arrive late in 2015.

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The BMW X1 is a fantastic addition to the Bimmer range, as well as to the TopSpeed Garage . During our week testing the M Sport X1 sDrive28i, the car won many friends with its driving environment, striking new-BMW styling crispness and a truly sports-car-like agility versus the larger X3 .

The X1 is offered stateside in three trim levels across the turbo four-cylinder 28i and turbo six-cylinder 35i powerplants, with xDrive available across the range. The test car’s X1 sDrive28i pairs the base engine with the top M Sport trim level at the top, bringing a beautiful body-color bumper treatment absent from the cheaper ’Sport’ and ’X-line’ trim packs. The M Sport option also includes a variety of other tasty upgrades, including sports leather seats and handsome special paint and wheel options.

The X1 fills such a successful gap in the entry-level BMW offering that it even caught Audi and Mercedes-Benz flatfooted, with their GLA250 and Audi Q3 competitors still at least a year from reaching American buyers.

The X1 certainly doesn’t have the small premium crossover market to itself, but does carve a unique niche with few pretend off-road aspirations and a decidedly performance focus to its V-rated, 18-inch Pirelli’s.

This road-going bias helps the X1 to be an agile and playful companion on any stretch of pavement, with a 60 mph sprint just above 6 seconds for both rear- and all-wheel-drive 28i four-cylinders and down to the low 5’s for the potent X1 xDrive35i.

All this with a base price just above $30,000 means the X1 is the first affordable BMW entry for crossover shoppers, considering the Acura RDX or the Mini Cooper Countryman .

The full TopSpeed Garage drive review is past the jump, and takes a close look at the coolest performance options and features of the practical but sporty X1 sDrive28i M Sport.

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Today must have been national test day for electric cars. Shortly after catching the R8 E-tron testing in the cold, our spy photographers caught a very interesting model testing. At a first look it appears you are looking at a standard BMW X1 , but you are actually looking at an all-electric X1.

As you can see from the spy shots the prototype features no exhaust pipes and there are also some Hybrid stickers – an obvious attempt at subterfuge. Our spy photographers lurked around long enough to confirm that this is an EV, as when it finally took off, there was not a peep from a gasoline engine.

We are not too sure if this means that the company is developing an electric version of the X1 or if it is simply testing the technology for other models. Still, considering that BMW and Toyota have recently signed an agreement and that Toyota already offers an electric version of the RAV4, you shouldn’t be too surprised to see something similar from BMW.

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For people that get the four seasons, you’re all probably aware that winter is coming, and that means you’re going to need a ride that can take the wrath of the cold in stride.

German automaker BMW has partnered with ski manufacturer K2 to provide us winter wanderers with the ride for the season. Based on the former’s X1 SUV, the ride has been dubbed the X1Powder Ride Special Edition and it comes with a plethora of exclusive features that, quite frankly, no other X1 will probably have.

For starters, the special edition X1 will carry a number of color options, including non-metallic paint shades like Black and Alpine White, in addition to more glistening shades like Valencia Orange, Mineral White, Mineral Grey, Glacier Silver, and Black Sapphire. In addition to that, the X1 Powder Ride Edition will also come with plenty of new equipment that has been specifically added to the SUV’s overall purpose.

There are roof rails, door sill strips, leather trim for the seats and steering wheel, a snowboard bag, all-weather floor mats, a roof box, ambient lighting, and a new set of 18" alloy wheels, a lot of which are part of the the automaker’s xLine package. Just because it’s co-produced by K2, the X1 Powder Ride Edition will also come with an exclusively designed pair of K2 LTD Powder Ride skis.

As far as engine options are concerned, the X1 Powder Ride Special Edition will be available for the 300-horsepower xDrive35i straight-six model or the 240-horsepower xDrive28i four-cylinder model.

The BMW X1 Powder Ride Special Edition will make its debut at the 2012 Los Angeles Auto Show before hitting dealerships next year.

Meanwhile, the Concept K2 Power Ride, another LA-bound BMW X1, will come with a taller ride height, tinted windows, a new set of 19" alloy wheels, a custom milled aluminum ski rack, and an integrated Harman Kardon sound system.


While we are all anxiously awaiting the debut of the X1 in the U.S., which is set to happen this fall, BMW is hard at work piecing together the next-generation model. According to Autocar, this work involves figuring out how to fit Mini Countryman drivetrain components under the next-gen X1. This combination of the Mini and BMW lineup is expected to help reduce production costs and hopefully reduce its cost to the buyer.

In addition to sharing underpinnings with the Mini Countryman , the next-generation X1, which is expected to debut in 2015, will come standard with front-wheel drive, as opposed to the standard rear-wheel drive that the 2013 X1 will bear. It will, however, retain its optional all-wheel drive. This new chassis, dubbed the Unter Klasse (UKL), will also eliminate the possibility of a 6-cylinder option for the next-gen X1, as BMW has no plans to transversely mount a 6-pot in any of its cars.

In reality, there are chances of the X1 getting an even smaller engine, as BMW is supposedly considering dropping the petite 1.5-liter 3-cylinder engine in the 2015 X1. This all comes as a huge surprise to us, as the X1 is just now making its way to the States, and BMW is already planning on pretty much scrapping the entire thing. Plus, to start throwing Countryman parts onto this crossover SUV is just going to make it that much more irrelevant to buyers that may need to haul anything more than the kids and luggage around.

We guess we’ll just have to wait and see exactly how BMW plans to set this whole system up, as one of the key components to a crossover SUV is its ability to haul light cargo. The Countryman’s 860-pound max payload capacity doesn’t quite fit the bill. We’ll keep you updated as more information becomes available.

Source: AutoCar
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The Audi , Mercedes-Benz , and BMW rivalry has always existed, but has rarely ever been as fierce at it his right now. Not only are all three manufacturers competing in DTM racing for the first time in history, but the three are also jostling over the Chinese market in order to become the country’s largest manufacturer of luxury vehicles.

With Volkswagen confirming its plans to help increase the popularity of Audi in China, BMW has announced that it plans to triple output across its Chinese production facilities to 300,000 units annually in line with the opening of the new Tiexi production facility. This facility will soon start production of the
X1 in the coming weeks.

However, not everything coming out of this announcement is positive as there’s a risk BMW could be putting too much faith into the Chinese market and risk overdependence on its sales in order to boost profit levels.

A research analyst from Frost & Sullivan pointed out that, “There are no other regions that can provide for such massive numbers of sales as China can,” he said. “In the event of economic turmoil in China, most German automakers could end up with hundreds of thousands of unsold cars.”

Just like most economies operate, China faces its fair share of good and bad patches and right now the Chinese economy is booming which can only mean one thing. If the U.S. and the Eurozone are anything to go by, China’s growth may slump in the next few years and this would obviously hamper European firms entering the market.

Conversely however, Audi and Mercedes-Benz will also be in similar boats if it all goes bottoms up but for BMW’s sake we wish them all well with this expansion.

Source: Bloomberg

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