BMW just loves molding its sedans into funny shapes, and so in the future, we will likely see more derivatives of BMW’s 3- and 5-series platforms. In fact BMW announced that future vehicle will include a new mid-sized SUV (yes, BMW calls it a SAV - Sport Activity Vehicle - but we’re not playing that game.) It will be called X4 and is set to be revealed sometime next year.

Based off the 3-Series, the X4 will be to the X3 like what the X6 is to the X5. It will borrow styling themes introduced on the X6, meaning it will be a tall, five-door fastback. Like its other X-Series siblings (except the X1 ), all-wheel drive will likely be the only drivetrain available. Also like the other BMW SUVs, it should be produced at the Spartanburg, South Carolina plant.

Even in uncertain fuel pricing times, BMW seems to be banking its future on SUVs. The X1 will go on sale in Europe next year and in USA in 2010. A redesigned X3 is scheduled for 2010 and a diesel version of the X5, with the complicated name X5 xDrive35d debuts this year. The X6 will get a freshening in 2012.

It seems that BMW is very pleased with the newly launched X6 as they decided to built a smaller version called X4. The future Sports Activity Sedan (SAS) will share the same platform as the future X3, and as its big brother will not have the interior space or the sportiveness of a SUV, but will attract buyers that are looking for originality.

The guys at Auto Zeitung came up with a photoshop of what the BMW X4 might look like: a combination between the X3 and X6.

For now the X4 is just a rumor, but we might see it in the future!

Source: BMW Blog

A Coupe SUV is something everyone is expecting. Land Rover has already announced the LRX Concept for the Detroit Auto Show; so it was about time for the best German maker to start working on a coupe SUV. The upcoming model will be based on the X3 SUV; actually will be a shrinked X3 with two-doors. BMW will launch a concept version sometime this year; while the production version will follow in 2009 and sales will begin in 2010.

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