The BMW X6 is a four-passenger luxury crossover or "sports activity coupe" as BMW likes to call it. It went on sale in the second quarter of 2008 with a promise of combining the benefits of an SUV and a coupe into one convenient little package. The current X6 is powered by a plethora of engine options. The first is a 3.0L twin turbo engine producing 300/320hp and 300 lb-ft of torque. The second engine is a 4.4L twin turbo V8 delivering 400/440hp and 450 lb-ft of torque. The 4.4L V8/electric hybrid option pushes out 480 net ho and 575 net lb-ft of torque, while on the opposite side of the spectrum is the 4.4L twin turbo V8 that gets 555hp and 500 lb-ft of torque. These engines are mated to a six-speed automatic, continuously variable transmission.

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BMW is going to say "Good Bye!" to the current generation X6 in style, as it presents a special X6 M Design Edition that is limited to just 100 units. BMW will offer this special X6 M only three exterior colors: Alpine White, Sapphire Black and Red Melbourne.

When compared to a base X6 M, the new Design Edition is distinguished by a special aerodynamic kit from BMW M Performance. This kit includes a new front splitter and a new rear spoiler made from carbon fiber, a black kidney grille. black exterior mirror caps and a black-colored diffuser of the series. The sits on a set of 21-inch alloy wheels in double spoke design.

For the interior, BMW adds in full Merino leather trim combined with an instrument panel in Black/Mugello Red with Mugello Red contrast stitching and a Piano Black trim .There will also be a special plaque Edition "X6 M Design Edition - 1/100" to round out the package.

Under its hood, the X6 M Design Edition has no updates over the base mode, so it packs the same 4.4-liter V-8 powerhouse with 555 horsepower and 500 pound-feet of torque.

Updated 11/26/2013: BMW finally released the official details and images on the special edition BMW X6 M Design Edition.

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Back in 2010, German tuner Hamann announced theTycoon EVO M program for the BMW X6 M. Now that BMW has officially revised the X6 M , Hamann saw fit to give its own Tycoon program its own share of upgrades.

The program, now called Tycoon II, takes the updates even further by transforming the X6 M into a real bonafide beast. The most impressive job was made under the hood where the tuner managed to increase the SUV’s standard output to a total of 670 horsepower, a significant increase from the standard 555 horsepower.

To achieve the modifications it aimed for, Hamman installed a sport kit HM 670 that includes catalytic converter pipes and optimizing the engine characteristics. Next to delivering more power, these upgrades also increased the peak torque from 501 pound-feet up to 700 pound-feet. With the extra power and torque the X6 M can now hit a top speed of 186 mph.

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When BMW brought the X6 to the market, we had some doubt about its ability to succeed, but luckily the model proved us wrong. So when the M version was also dropped, we had no doubts that it will instantly become of the best sold sports SUV on the market. After all, with 555 horsepower under the hood, who can ask for more, right?

Well, the answer is German tuner, Inside Performance, which has unveiled a sweet Stealth package based on the X6 M. The tuner decided the car can pump out much more power than the standard model, so it installed a special exhaust system available in two power levels. Level 1 it gets 3-inch piping and up to 3-inch valves, and level 2 gets new downpipes and new generation 200-cell sports metal catalysts. The result is an output of 700 horsepower and 626 pound-feet of torque.

In order to handle the extra power, the tuner installed new 22-inch alloy wheels and adjustable suspension. The exterior has been wrapped in an army-style foil.

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BMW recently revealed subtle updates to keep the BMW X6 M competitive in the face of stiff competition across the super performance SUV segment. Since the X6 M’s 2010 launch, the competing Porsche Cayenne, Range Rover Sport and Mercedes-Benz ML63 AMG are either all new or significantly enhanced to better neutralize the BMW threat.

The X6 M follows the successful mechanical template from the X5 M but enhances its appearance with a fastback coupe profile and a trimmed window line. The stylish X6 M stands out in the BMW showroom when compared with the bread-and-butter models like the 3 Series and 1 Series.

The appeal for these buyers comes from the inherent impracticality of the design’s chopped roof versus the practical X5. It separates the X6 M as a car bought by people for who all-weather performance is king of kings. The X6 M has been a runaway sales success for BMW among these niche audiences – to the point where non-M X6s are the rarity.

Can the X6 M cut with the best competitors four years after its launch? Please follow the jump for details on the 2013 facelift, the mechanical and performance specs, and an image gallery of the new X6 M in action.

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With a package name that is similar to a fax machine’s model number, the BMW SP6 X is Sportec’s attempt to change your mind about diesel engines. Sure, at one point in the past diesels were loud, rough and loaded with nothing but torque, but times are changing. We have a sneaking suspicion that this tune may change your perception of a diesel engine.

The package mainly focuses on the performance of the X6. In this example, the car is powered by a 3.0-liter twin-turbo six-cylinder diesel engine that, thanks to Sportec, now produces 370 horsepower and 750 Nm (553 pound-feet) of torque, a nice bump from the stock 306 horsepower and 600 Nm (442 pound-feet) of torque.

This bump in output helps shave 1.1 seconds from its stock 6.5-second 0-to-60 mph sprint, which in real-time, 1.1 seconds seems like nothing, but in a 0-to-60 launch, that’s a lifetime. To add to the beefy upgrade, Sportec has also upped the top speed from 130 mph to 163.4 mph, making this Bimmer a touch more exciting.

Finally, the exterior features sporty exhaust tail pipes that breathe out more spent-diesel-fuel fumes and custom 19-inch OZ wheels to reduce the X6’s weight and add a little extra sport to its look.

So, do you still think diesel engines offer no fun?

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For those who think that the BMW X6-M is simply a crossover with an M-spec body kit and a powerful V-8 engine, you’re wrong. It’s more than that…

To know how much more, here’s a video showing a person unleashing his BMW X6-M over a beautiful stretch of road. Apart from the beautiful exhaust note, we’re baffled at how a 6,200-pound crossover remains stable while negotiating corners. This sports car-like stability in a heavy, bigger vehicle is all thanks to the special M suspension that includes Adaptive Drive and a newly-developed Servotronic power steering. This ensures that every BMW M product, big or small, has the performance and stability of a powerful sports car, if not greater.

Also to be appreciated is the driver’s guts of unleashing a $90k Bimmer on a deserted, unpredictable road. If you notice, he zips past an intersection at a murdering speed, which would’ve brought a totally different conclusion, had another car was crossing that intersection.

We won’t be surprised if we find another video or a news clip saying "BMW X6-M Crashed into a Tree" or "Driver is fined heavily after rashly driving BMW"

Rest assured, for those who doubt it’s stability and cornering capabilities must watch this video and let us know whether that doubt is settled or not.

BMW North American has announced the launch of a new limited edition, specially developed for the US market: the new BMW Individual X6 Performance Edition. The model will be limited to only 100 units, 50 X6 xDrive35i units priced at $80,800 and 50 X6 xDrive50i units carrying a price tag of $82,000. The model will be built in September and October 2012.

The new special edition X6 will feature a very cool Pearl Silver metallic paint finish combined with a new set of 20" spoke wheels and a black chrome exhaust system. For the interior, the luxury SUV gets Black Alcantara/Leather seats and door panels with Sakhir Orange contrast stitching, as well as the use of BMW Individual’s Carbon Leather Wrapped Trim on the dashboard and center console.

The BMW Individual X6 Performance Edition can also be ordered with the speedier M Performance Package that will increase the xDrive35i’s output by 15 HP and by 40 HP for the xDrive50i. Customers can also opt for a Premium Package, a Cold Weather Package, a Technology Package, and a Premium Sound Package.

Mercedes ML63 AMG

We spend loads of time reviewing sports and supercars that we tend to forget all about the SUV realm. Back in the 1980s, when the SUV was just starting to become the new fad, there were no performance models to speak of.

In the 1990s, we caught a glimpse of out first true performance SUV, as the GMC Typhoon hit the market in very limited numbers. The Typhoon boasted stout numbers, as GM managed to pump a full 280 ponies from its typically underwhelming 4.3-liter engine. To boot, the Typhoon is still competitive today – in terms of speed – as it hots 60 mph in just 5.3 seconds and clears the quarter in 14.1 ticks.

Unfortunately, the Typhoon was only a 2-door model and lacked the typical SUV utility. GMC also produced a little over 4,000 examples, so they were and remain very scarce. What’s cool though, is just how closely matched the Typhoon still is when compared to today’s performance SUVs. It’ll never beat the likes of the Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT or the Porsche Cayenne, but it can certainly hold its own pretty well, especially for a 19-year-old SUV.

We took a look at the current world of performance SUVs to figure out who is top dog. Click past the jump to find out the results.

BMW 3 Series Sedan

The Europeans get all of the cool stuff first, as BMW allows them to rent various BMWs , including M-Series models, hourly, daily, or weekly, as opposed to shelling out the $40,000+ required to buy one. Well, after successfully testing in the Euro market, BMW is finally bringing this system, called OnDemand, to the U.S.

Initially, the U.S. Launch will be isolated to only one dealership, BMW of Manhattan, and to one model, the 328i. BMW of Manhattan will offer up a total of 100 328is for people to rent to impress their boss, friends, or date. This system is also great for fleet companies deciding if BMW is right for them or prospective retain customers looking to take an extended test drive prior to lumping down thousands of dollars. It is pretty safe to assume that given this is the initial launch is in Manhattan, booking a rental 328i won’t be as simple as booking a Taurus from your local Avis dealer.

Given this is all successful, we will see the available lineup slowly expand. Some of the models to be added to the available rentals include the new 7-Series , X5 , X6 , M3 , and even the M5 . According to the report, however, to get premium rides, like the M3 and M5, the renter has to go through a more rigorous qualification process.

Pricing for renting the initial 328i will not be known until about August, but you can rest assured that it will not be a $20 per day rental and we bet insurance is not optional. We’ll update you once pricing is released on this new system.

BMW brought out the X6 in the second half of 2008, and with a few years of experience in the market, the SUV is now ready for a minor facelift to keep it refreshingly attractive. And when we say minor, we really do mean minor, because you need to look very close to see the changes in this facelift.

The facelift starts off with redesigned fog lights, headlights, and taillamps with a new adaptive LED option, and moves on to newly designed bars, new paint finishes, light alloy wheels, and leather trim. And that’s pretty much it.

The US market will get its usual xDrive50i powered by a 4.4-liter 400 hp TwinPower Turbo V8 and the X6 xDrive35i with a 300 HP TwinPower Turbo inline-6. However, for the first time, the BMW X6 will be able to be ordered with an M-Performance package that adds a few ponies and a meaner look.

On the US market, the new BMW X6 will go on sale in the spring of 2012.

UPDATE 06/26/2012: BMW has unveiled a pretty cool video for their new X6 SUV. The new model comes with selective modifications in design and innovative equipment features.

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