BMW X Series

BMW X Series

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BMW just loves to blur the line between car and SUV. With SUVs already based on the 3 and 5-Series , the German company may be readying two SUV to spawn from the 1-Series . The four-door X1 has already been given approval for production, and now the two-door X2 may be on the way.

If the rendering from CAR Magazine is accurate then the sporty looking X2 will be much like a little brother to the mixed-identity X6 . It’s a little hard to admit but there is some attraction to a sporty coupe on a tough 4x4 platform. It’s kinda like how a girl gets hotter after she punches you in the face.

Source: CAR Magazine
BMW has announced that the X6, one of the two new models coming from BMW, will be made sometime in 2008 and will be produced at its US plant in Spartanburg. Norbert Reithofer said production levels at Spartanburg in South Carolina are expected to be at more than 200,000 units per year in the medium term. The Spartanburg plant currently produces the X5 SUV and the Z4 car. The X6 will be powered by the strongest engines from X3 and X5. Diesel engines will be same as in the X3: (...)
Source: ForbesAutos
With the new X6 BMW is prepared to conquer new terrain - a Crossover mixing with SUV, sports car and Coupe. Spy photographs caught the X6 prototypes on testin in Bavaria. X6 shows more powerful dimensions comparing to the X5. With almost the same hight as the X5, the X6 stands clearly more broadly on the road. Four sumptuously dimensioned exhaust pipes dismiss the life expressions of the burn aggregates. The X6 will be powered by the strongest engines from X3 and X5. Diesel engines will (...)

The larger second generation moves farther from the X3, with third-row seating, refined ergonomics, and an improved four-wheel-drive system, Dynamic xDrive.

BMW is preparing a new model based on the X5: the X6 that has taken the philosophy of the Mercedes Mercedes CLS four-door-coupe, utilizing a sloped roof-line and and tauter packaging in the name of style. It was first speculated that the model is the V5, but the V5 is supposed to be a uniquely space- efficient vehicle in the guise of Mercedes’ R-Class, and this prototype doesn’t seem to fit that description. BMW appears to be making the right move in putting the X6 ahead of the V5 in the (...)
Source: WindingRoad
German magazine Autobild has reported that BMW i BMW i s trying to get bigger in the SUV’s range. With the last X3 and X5 debuting this year and with a new small FWD that is supposed to be launched by 2010, BMW is trying to compete with the largets makers in this area. The new model it is supposed to be called X1 and it will stretch an estimated 170 inches, which compared to its larger sibling the X3, comes in about 10 inches shorter overall. It’s price it is estimated at almost $38000. The (...)
Source: Autoblog

The new version of the successful premium SAV (Sports Activity Vehicle) with modified exterior design symbolises the increase in agility and dynamics with the latest, even more powerful and, at the same time, more efficient drive systems; new headlight and rear light optics as well as generously-sized bumper units painted in the vehicle colour underline the striking, dynamic appearance and the premium character; high quality ambience in the interior; wide-ranging redesign of the instrument panel, steering wheel, centre console, seats, door upholstery, storage compartments and roof lining; wide variety of colours, upholstery materials and decorative elements facilitate a high degree of customisation.

The second generation X5 looks like it carries on with the main characteristics from its predecessor. The new model has been developed under the code-name E 70. The main difference is that the newcomer is about 16 cm longer and 6 cm wider than the current model. It is thus providing enough room for a third row of seats. Like with all the other modern luxury off-roaders, also the new X5 can seat up to seven passengers, which quite obviously has become a must. Power is expected to come from (...)

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