BMW Z Series

BMW Z Series

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Could BMW have a roadster up their sleeve? We can only hope so. The BMW Blog has announced that a BMW insider says they will revive the 2005 California Spyder Concept presented in Los Angeles in 2005. We caught wind of this a few days ago when we reported about Norbert Reithofer’s "Dream Project", which consisted of the BMW Spyder Stradale . This concept was used in the preview of the 2009 BMW Z6 that was talked about, but never brought to light. It seems BMW has been a lot of talk, but very little action so we are not sure if we can believe this next round of roadster rumors. Of course, we are going to indulge in them anyway.

BMW’s idea is to take the California Spyder concept and transform it into a premium eco-efficient roadster that will end up replacing the Z8 and share a platform with the production version of the ED Concept. This rendering of the BMW Spyder Stradale provided by Andrei Avarvarii is based on the original sketch released by BMW in 2005, but is freshened up a little in style. It leans more towards something that we could expect from the Bavarian manufacturer in 2014. The sculptured athletic body is a combination of a retro long bonnet silhouette with sharp modern lines that create aggressive air intakes. The lights pay a tribute to the Z8 , while the wheels show how the advanced design of those featured on the ED Concept could be turned into a production model.

We can only hope that the BMW Spyder Stradale is not just a ploy to get us talking about BMW. Quite frankly, we just want to see it in action.

Source: Andrei Avarvarii
In 2010, BMW will launch a new model on the market. Supposed to be Z8 successor, the Z9 will be priced somewhere arround $150.000. The Z9 will not have a tapered rear end–something that was seen as beloved part of the Z8. The trunk will have grow in order to accomodate the Z9’s retractable hardtop. It will be powered by V-10 engine used on the M Group and also the European market will get a range of diesel (...)
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BMW is planning a high-end sports car that will compete with the Mercedes-Benz SL. The new model will be a luxury roadster, on the same size as the 6-series, but the mechanical parts will be from both the 6 Series and the 5 Series and engine from the 3-series. The new Z6 will be a succesor for the Z8, produced from 2000 to 2003.

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BMW is known to release from time to time limited-production cars as the prototypical expression of the excitement for driving that is the company’s backbone. The Z8 roadster was the latest vehicle to have continued this tradition. The initial prototype (the Z07) was designed in order to celebrate the famous’ BMW 507 50th birthday. The incredible success of the concept-car produced the decision of building the vehicle in a limited series, designated Z8. Produced in fewer than 5700 units between 2000 and 2003, the Z8 is already a collector’s car.

It seems that BMW i BMW i s doing its best of going stronger in the roadsters area. After rumors about a Z8 model coming in 2010, Autoweek has a report of the new Z2 coming from BMW, confirming what Autobild said a few weeks ago. The new model will be available starting 2010 (probably), but for sure it won’t arrive until after the next-generation Z4 arrives in 2009. The new Z2 will share the same components with the existing 1 Series and 3 Series and will be built alongside the next-generation Z4 (...)
Source: Autoweek
After the successful 3-Series Coupe launched this year BMW will introduce a new Coupe and Convertible model starting early 2009. The new model will be called Z2, it will use the 1-Series technique and will have a turbo-four-cylinders engine. Bmw Z2 is a four passenger model. It will use both 1-Series and Z-Series Design. For Europe a new four-cylinder engines with gasoline direct injection is taken into account. Leaning on the technology of the new six cylinder turbo engine it could bring (...)
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At the same time as BMW is launching an updated, newly powered Z4 Roadster Series, the Bavarian automaker is also unveiling a BMW M version of this spirited 2-seater: the M Roadster, which takes the Z4’s innate sportiness to an even higher level of thoroughbred performance and driving pleasure.

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For 2006, the Z4 Series undergoes its first major evolution. Heading its extensive list of updates and improvements are all-new, more powerful engines; 6-speed manual and automatic transmissions across the board; more powerful brakes, standard 17-in. wheels and tires now on both models, and a more advanced Dynamic Stability Control system. Along with all this driving-oriented progress, design and materials refinements inside and out enhance both esthetics and function.

Once again the Z4 Series consists of two Roadster models, but even their names have changed: Z4 Roadster 3.0i, replacing the former 2.5i model and base-priced at $36,295 including destination charge; and the Z4 Roadster 3.0si, replacing the former 3.0i model and priced at $42,795.

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The BMW Z4 M Coupé is a sports car for very special moments in life. Uncompromising, purist and exceptionally powerful, this two-seater offers undiluted dynamism both in everyday traffic and on the race track. Its 3.2-litre M straight-six power unit developing maximum out¬put of 252 kW/343 hp ensures driving performance of the highest calibre.

BMW plans an eco-friendly supercar to replace the low volume Z8. According to this week’s Autocar magazine, the new Z6 will be more focused, lighter and greener than its predecessor, and will belly up to the Merc SL and the Ferrari Ferrari F430. It’s alleged to be more than just a follow-up to the Z8 though, as volumes are expected to be higher. BMW hopes to make some 15,000 a year, compared to the total of almost 6,000 during the four-year lifespan of the Z8. The Z6 is conceived as a follow-up to (...)

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