2006 BMW 325i (E90)

The quintessential sports sedan is back - and better than ever. With a powerful 215 hp engine featuring Valvetronic technology, a 5-link/5-beam rear suspension, and increased passenger room, performance and luxury are perfectly blended in a more powerful, more agile sedan offering more safety and comfort features than ever before. Advanced Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) and optional Active Steering help keep the driver in total control, while premium interior materials like leather, Poplar Natural wood trim or brushed Aluminum, create an alluring atmosphere to satisfy their senses.


STEPTRONIC automatic transmission provides a choice of three modes: "Drive", which incorporates BMW’s Adaptive Transmission Control; "Sport" automatic, for a more dynamic shift pattern; and STEPTRONIC automatic, for the hands-on control of a manual without using a clutch.

BMW Assist with Bluetooth® Wireless Technology

BMW Assist is a Global Positioning System and wireless communication system for Automatic Collision Notification, Emergency Request, enhanced Roadside Assistance, and Stolen Vehicle Recovery services. Bluetooth wireless technology is standard with the BMW Assist option.

Bluetooth is a wireless communications technology that connects mobile phones enabled with Bluetooth to a vehicle for hands-free calling. With the use of a compatible Bluetooth enabled mobile phone, a driver can place and answer calls, and browse and select phonebook contacts from their phone, simply by using the multifunction steering wheel controls and radio keys.

Climate Zone Ventilation

Electronic climate zone controls allow the driver to select a lower air temperature for around the head and chest than in the footwell. With automatic recirculation control, when a sensor detects certain pollutants in the air, such as carbon monoxide or ethanols, it automatically switches to recirculating air. Twin active-charcoal micro-filters significantly help reduce air pollutants, such as dust and bacteria, and odors, from entering the cabin.

Double Vanos

Double VANOS allows the engine to "steplessly" choose valve timing for both intake and exhaust camshafts. Electronically controlled in response to engine speed, load and temperature, Double VANOS maximizes engine response, efficiency and emission control. The benefit: more low- to medium-speed torque for strong acceleration and added flexibility for better highway performance, plus quieter, smoother engine at idle.

Head Protection System (HPS)

BMW’s Head Protection System is an inflatable tubular structure to protect the heads of a vehicle’s front and rear seat occupants. Operating in conjunction with the side airbags, the system provides front seat occupants with outstanding protection in the case of severe side impact. It helps protect the head from hitting the side window and being hit by objects penetrating the side window. In recognition of this remarkable protection, BMW was named "Safe Car of the Millennium" by the International Brain Injury Association.

Inline Six-Cylinder Engine

The BMW inline six-cylinder engine has long been recognized as one of the very few truly superb powerplants of the automotive industry. And the new 3.0-liter, 24-valve version of the celebrated BMW inline six-cylinder engine continues this tradition, offering even greater power, refinement, response, and efficiency.

This new engine features a number of pioneering technologies, including Valvetronic and an electronically controlled water pump that uses less power than conventional pumps, which contributes to the engine’s increased power output. And the new engine block, made of an advanced, lightweight composite magnesium/aluminum, increases the engine’s overall power-to-weight ratio.

In the 325i, the new inline six-cylinder engine produces 215 hp, and propels the new 3 from 0-60 in a swift 6.7 seconds.* A three-stage induction system, different exhaust, and powertrain software results in a 255 hp output from this same engine in the 330i, which launches the car from 0-60 in a mere 6.1 seconds.

Vehicle & Key Memory

Handy Vehicle & Key Memory features can activate special convenience and safety features already programmed in the 3 Series. Vehicle Memory offers the choice of activating/deactivating Daytime Running Lights, an anti-theft motion detector, and "Pathway Lighting" - headlights that stay on for 40 seconds after turning off the ignition.

With Key Memory, up to three keys can be separately programmed to individual preferences. Choose to unlock just the drivers door or both doors with the first press of the keyhead remote. Key Memory can also be programmed to relock the vehicle automatically when it reaches 5 mph. Key Memory can return the drivers seat to the same position as the last time that key was used; similarly, it can return climate control to the previous setting used.

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