2007 BMW M5 by Lumma Design

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Sometimes we wonder how many customers think the standard BMW M5 is not as sporty as they wish. Indeed, the BMW M5 BMW M5 may look a bit like an ordinary sedan, especially if the consumer is not as passionate for automobiles as we are.

BMW M5 by Lumma Design

For those who want a car to make themselves noticeable, Lumma Design has prepared a BMW to stand out from the crowd. This vehicle was named the CLR 500 RS and made its world debut at the Geneva Motor Show this week. First of all the car is other at the exterior thanks to some unique features like a wide body-kit. This includes bigger wheel arch extensions and front and rear bumpers with an integrated racing-diffuser. The trunk lid is made of carbon-fiber and has a rear spoiler integrated.

To improve the dynamics they changed the suspensions and now the car sets lower on the ground with 40mm because of H&R sport suspension. New Wheels were added to the overall look, a three-piece 21in lightweight alloy wheels painted in black coat.

BMW M5 by Lumma Design

Inside there is a lot of carbon fiber, painted in orange, two-toned leather upholstery a Lumma Design steering wheel and aluminum racing pedals. The signature is present everywhere in the car. I will pay to get rid of that.

But that’s not all. They spent some time to improve the performances of an already fast car. What they manage to squeeze? First of all they added a full racing exhaust system with a high-flow catalytic converter, to improve the breathing of the engine. Than they tweak the ECU and the car power was lift to 560hp from the standard output of 507hp. The final piece was to remove the car’s electronic speed limiter, so the driver can go behind 155mph, to a top speed of 203mph. For the aesthetics of the engine they put a carbon-fiber air-intake and a red cylinder-head cover. You like the car is true? Send me the money.

BMW M5 by Lumma Design


omg are u s2pid
wats wrong if the engine z red
de engine z not in the interior part

its so s2pid when ppl dont knw abt cars talk lyk dey do

the car is fantastik perfect color
cool interior


bey you don’t kno wat u talkin bout thats combination is off the freakin chain.....i want one!!

orange exterior and red engine bay.. They need some designer that is not colorblind.. ugly ugly ugly

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