2007 BMW X3

BMW’s X3 isn’t going to change dramatically between now and its scheduled update for the 2007 model year

Not an entirely new car, one of the few compact SUVs yet existing, the BMW X3, will get a minor facelift soon, with slightly modified bumpers front and rear, new headlamps (with ring-shaped position lights) and taillights, different materials used inside and some technical refinements. The same modifications will feature on M-Design models, too, though the more aggressive front bumper layout appears to be left unchanged.

At the same time the X3 will get the new fuel engines from the brand- new 3-Series, such as the 2.5 litre/218 HP and for the X3 3.0 Iitre a 3.0 litre/258 HP. The 3.0d is said to be equipped with a six-cylinder delivering 231 HP.

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