2007 BMW X5 M Sport Package

Superior driving dynamics secures the leading position in its segment for the new BMW X5. Now the efficiency of the large Sport Activity Vehicle is increased even more, because for the first time, an M sport package is available for the BMW X5.

The M sport package features strong aesthetics, a sporty interior as well as a sporty chassis tuning. Thus, the new X5 has ideal conditions to become the leader in the competition.

BMW X5 M Sport Package

The X5 equipped with the M sport package dynamic potential is revealed by the exterior color. The X5 features bumpers smolder-learn and door impact borders, wheels with the characteristic M Design. As an option 19" or 20" wheels are being offered.

BMW X5 M Sport Package

The M Sport package for the new BMW X5 is priced as follows:

  • BMW X5 3.0si: 6 350 Euro
  • BMW X5 3.0d: 6 350 Euro
  • BMW X5 4.8i: 4 840 Euro

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