2008 BMW X3 2.0d

With a clear plus of fun driving and economy, the BMW X3 is on top position as the world-wide most successful Sport Activity Vehicle (SAV). For 2008, the X3 gets a new four-cylinder diesel engine and reduces CO2 emission. Also a six-speed automatic transmission was added as an option for the X3 2.0d.

For the 2008 X3 2.0d, the four-cylinder diesel engine has an output of 177 hp and a peak torque of 350 Nm. Its average fuel consumption according to a European Union test is only 6.5 litres per 100 of kilometers. Also the petrol engines versions come with higher efficiency. The BMWS X3 3.0si has an output of 272 hp and an average fuel consumption of 9,5 liters per 100 kilometer.

BMW X3 2.0d

Optimized consumption and emission values are the result of current innovations, which are based on the development of BMW Efficient Dynamics strategy.

New four-cylinder Diesel engine

For the 2008 model year, the X3 is equipped with three ultramodern gasoline and diesel engines and with the all new AWD BMW xDrive system.

The four-cylinder Diesel engine is equipped with the third generation of Common Rail injection. The fuel is precisely proportioned by Piezo injectors and injected with a pressure by 1,800 bars into the combustion chambers.

BMW X3 2.0d

Compared to its predecessor for the new four-cylinder Diesel engine the output is higher with 26 hp and the average fuel consumption was reduced at the same time by 10%.

The 2008 X3 2.0d and in the further model variants benefit of the framework measures for consumption and emission reduction, developed by BMW Efficient Dynamics. Efficient Dynamics focuses on three specific areas – weight, dynamics and consumption – with the intent of developing more power from less fuel in a lower-weight vehicle.

BMW X3 2.0d

For the 2008 BMW X3 2.0d next to the standard six-speed manual transmission, you can also choose the six-speed automatic transmission.


With 3.0si model seats five and comes with BMW’s xDrive all-wheel-drive system. Also available in manual or automatic transmission.

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