2009 BMW M6 Competition Limited Edition

BMW will unveil at the Frankfurt Motor Show a limited edition M6. Only 100 customers will be lucky enough to enjoy this special model, that features an exclusive design on both interior and exterior.

BMW M6 Competition Limited Edition

The new M6 Competition Limited Edition comes with a new exterior paint: Frozen Gray Metallic in matte finish, combined on the interior with Merino full leather interior with either black or light gray two-tone contrast stitching.

This high-performance coupe will add improved driving dynamics thanks to suspension modifications, revised springs, dampers and stabilizers.

Video after the jump (from M5Board)


The downside of limited edition was it doesn’t have any special to offer! I bet the performance of the car is similar with the standard version though I agree that it has an impressive styling!

Is just me or the car looks like an Infiniti? Well, I have to admit that the M package makes the car sportier and gorgeous! BTW, what was the figure performance of the car?

I have to agree that this car is quite an impressive production model. However, I think this limited edition is just a copy cat version of the original concept for few details in the upgrade was mentioned here.

This car has been a quite successful model and I think not only the people from the Frankfurt Motor Show captivated with the awesomeness of this car. And i think the M package was the winning factor of this model.

the black and white theme of the interior matches the outside color of the car, and I like the black and gray color. it really matches the style of the car.

Let’s hope they fix that stupid single cupholder.

very nice, But the power should have been bumped up a bit although 507hp is not small at all,

But definitely a waste the new m6 should e unveiled at frankfurt

hopefully they put enough power and focus on its actual real life performance traits which were umm kind of sluggish compared to other competitor cars.
But it still handled very well
even if the one doesn’t handle well I will still love it.
But I hope they can make the new one worthy of competing with the 911 and GT-R not just win in power

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