2010 BMW 1-Series Coupe by Senkyr Motorsports

Talk about extreme tuning. We guess this is what the BMW 1-Series Coupe would look like if it needed a mouth guard. However, this BMW is not only ready to take a punch, but deliver one as well with its obvious exterior modifications and engine upgrade.

Starting off with the chassis from the E82 1-Series Coupe chassis, Senkyr Motorsports have added the same design styling to it as found on their recent package for the E92 M3 GTR. It includes a super aggressive - to put it mildly - front bumper featuring quad canards, wide front fenders, and a front mount intercooler. There are also new headlamps, new exterior mirrors, and, of course, a new set of BBS Motorsport Race wheels measuring 18×10 in the front and 18×12 in the rear. The rear also gets a new bumper and a huge wing, although it is nowhere near the size of the monstrous front end.

For the engine, the tuner is offering two turbocharged inline six-cylinder engines with a 24-valve 2xOHC, treatment landlord Motorsport intercooler, electronics BMW series, modification intercooler, and a racing exhaust. The result is an impressive 402 hp at 7200 rpm.

They can talk it up all they want, but this is a face only a mother could love.

Source: Jonsibal


The engine of this BMW 1-Series Coupe is quite impressive result. The design styling is also quite unique and magnificent, except for the distracting front bumper that is very disappointing for its look.

Eww! What they have done to the face of the 1 series coupe? I think it needs a serious facelift and they need to trimmed down that a little.

This BMW model is looking OK. but need to develop more comfortable models to lead the roads....

Am happy with the engine... model should be modified to attract more people...

Seriously, this car needs a facelift! I think those twin turbocharged would be ignore upon seeing its face! Oh please BMW, stop making a huge front hood!

My zealot roots incline me to proclaim any BMW wearing an "M Badge" should - first and foremost -have a entirely special engine beneath it’s bonnet. This should be the CORE CRITERIA. We should not settle for any M-badged car with only a mild derivative of an existing model’s engine

This 1-Series M could very well be the US E36 M3 reincarnated, created for boosting sales and building the 1-Series image. It could also very well be yet another slap in the face for BMW M enthusiasts.

In motorsports, the second number stands for the overall diameter of the wheel inclusive the tire. This 1-series is evil, I bet.. a Rallyecar-version whould be awesome

This BMW 1 series Coupe GTR by Czech racing team Senkyr Motorsport is based on the E82 1-Series.

In motorsports, the second number stands for the overall diameter of the wheel inclusive the tire.

Considering the excruciatingly long distance and the myriad of unflattering conditions these three cars were subjected to, it’s a complete miracle that the three drop-top.

agree with you bro, it looks awful and can’t perform well on track and on streets, hopefully the owners of this car wont disappoint or regret buying this car.

Looks like a shrunk 335i, no good, don’t like it! I am still waiting to see a point of having the 1 series...

It looks Fat lol. I wonder how much down force this got with all that body kits.

even though its a bmw... its so rice looking... horrible :/

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