2010 BMW 135i "The Final One" by WSTO

WheelSTO has unveiled a new tuning package for the BMW 135i . Called "The Final One", this project was developed in cooperation with 3D Design Japan, Lager Corporation, Studie Japan, and Berk Technology and is the final tuning project that WSTO will provide for the BMW 135i.

The Final One is equipped with Formula Silver racing wheels, size 18 x 8 +45 in the front and 18 x 9 +50 in the rear and 225/40 and 255/35 Vredestein tires. The engine modifications were kept basic. The tuner used an aFe intake kit with a synapse blow off valve kit with charge pipe to keep the N54 breathing. They also used a Macht Schnell air scoop to help force air into the engine.

The exterior gets a 3D Design urethane front lip, 3D Design trunk spoiler, 3D Design Gauge pod, Pivot Gauges, and the BMW Performance shadow grills. For the interior WSTO added a 3D Design gauge pod ashtray retrofit, 3D Design aluminum sport pedals, and 3D Design floor mats.

Source: BMW Blog


Well, for me a got a little disappointed on this. I thought 1 series has the great
idea, but seemingly BMW is still stinging from the 318ti’s reception which is so ridiculous cause 135i interior is so cheap!

I don’t like the Grey plastic on the back, but the front bumper is better than the Alpina’s. The wheels don’t look flashy enough though. I think it’s just the finish on them. The side skirts are good.

Okay, I like BMW, but, this has to be one of the dorkiest looking cars on the market right now, especially from the front!

i agree with that. and the csl version should change both the headlights and taillights to make it actually look good...

Love this car. Great curves!

dang.. i can’t stop staring at it. i look it too aggressive to play with.

Well, in my eyes it’s the vision of accomplishment with many attempts at perfection and finally standing there.

stunningly beautiful, this might teased the Audi Owners.

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