2010 BMW 5-Series by Hartge

After AC Schnitzer got their hands dirty with the BMW 5-Series , Hartge seemed to want in on a small piece of the action. Their specialty? Why a new set of wheels, of course.

The tuner is offering a new set of Hartge Classic wheels in three different sizes: 18", 19" or 20", depending on the customer’s wishes. The wheels are wrapped up in Michelin, Pirelli, or Continental tires. The 5-Series Hartge wheels also for run-flat tires. At the front, the larger size of 255/35 ZR is used with a slightly wider size (285/30ZR) at the rear-end.

The BMW 5-Series also gets a new sport spring set that lowers the ride by 30 mm, a set of Hartge emblems for the bonnet and boot lid, aluminum pedals and foot rest, and an aluminum emblem for the center of the steering wheel.

TheBMW 550i , for instance, develops a total of 407 HP, but we expect the German tuner to obtain more than that with their usual engine updates.


This enables the 5.0-liter V10 to produce 718 PS (528 kW / 708 bhp). While no additional performance specifications were given, the "N635S 5.8 Hans Nowack Edition" will likely accelerate from 0-100 km/h faster than you can say its entire name." yea but how many secs? 3.2 secs or 4 secs? even though it has 708 bhp.

Anything that could change a bangle-design especially the end, would be a welcome one. I’d drive that car any day, anywhere! To the writer, do you drive a better looking car than that?

I didn’t think that I’d like the Z4 but i do... I think that it is an amazing car... I would get the BMW rims instead of 6 those ones though...

BMW’s technology and performance is outstanding but their design is getting lame.

I really want to like this car but I just don’t. Looks like an oversized Prius. This is the best looking version I’ve seen to date, no doubt, but it still leaves much to be desired.

It comes with front-wheel drive and turbocharged four-cylinder power, and its powertrains aren’t as refined as those of the other rivals, but it’s packaged well, with excellent seats, plenty of headroom, and more useful cargo space.

Not only the wheels but they also added some more emblems and little engine tweak.

that was a huge tire at the rear. hartage hasn’t touched the engine instead they just make the car more lower to have a better grip during high speed turns.

nice, i hope those different sizes has the same prices.

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