2010 BMW E92 M3 by APP

The European tuner APP has just unveiled details on a new package for the BMW M3 Coupe . The package includes both performance and styling upgrades.

Starting with the engine, APP offers a kit from Collaction AG that increase the engine’s power by a total of 30 HP bringing it to an astonishing 450hp while also bringing an additional 40Nm of torque. The APP M3 also gets Stoptech STR brakes that save over 8 kg per axle on the M3. The system is manufactured from forged aluminum which is front axle provided with anodized 6-piston saddles and two-piece 380x35mm discs - the rear axle with 4-piston and 355x32 discs.

The package also includes a KW Club-Sport suspension package, a lightweight titanium exhaust system with sport catalysts from Akrapovic, and new lightweight 19-inch alloy wheels. The entire look is completed by a matte titanium finish.

We are happy to see a better package for the BMW M3 considering we received the lame kit from Akrym a few days ago. Yes, we love carbon fiber just as much as everyone else does, but they could have gone a little further on their interpretation of the BMW .


The relatively inconspicuous getting ahead prestige will lead with certainty to some consternationof various owners of sports car.

I agree, I like everything except for the roof spoiler and also the deck lid spoiler. I think i could do without those.

Cool looking sports car! The only thing missing is the Spoiler.

Impressive looking car! Its so simple and yet it has the killer look of a super car.

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