2010 BMW M3 by Active Autowerke

Saudi Arabia and the surrounding areas comprising the Middle East has become quite the haven for exotic super cars. As an extension, a number of tuning companies have also made their way in that region, including one that has just taken a BMW M3 and added a little demonic touch to it.

Built by Strasse Forged Wheels in partnership with Active Autowerke, this particular M3 has plenty of what you’d want to put into your German sports coupe. The first order of business was the aesthetic and aerodynamic kit and modifications were done to ensure that it looks the part of an aftermarket wonder.

A factory frozen black paint finish was applied to the body to give it a more menacing appearance. From there, a carbon fiber hood and trunk was added courtesy of Arkym while Revozport was responsible for the carbon front lip, carbon fiber rear diffuser, and carbon fiber mirrors. There’s also a Performance M3 Control Arm upgrade, a new set of 20" Strasse Forged Deep Concave SM7 wheels with matte black centers, titanium brushed lips, gloss blank inner barrels, and a race-prep weight reduction package.

From there, the modifications turned to the engine and that’s where Active Autowerke comes came into the picture, thanks to a Stage 2 supercharger kit that jumped the output of the car’s 4.0-liter V8 engine from 420 horsepower all the way up to an impressive 625 horsepower.

By the way, those red headlights are just pure evil. Pure, pure evil.


It is highly functional and aesthetically pleasing. They offer experience based innovative solutions with standard and quality.

Their applied Active Autowerke Supercharger System is powered by HKS GTS 8550 mounted with custom bracket that uses a drive belt system. It also includes the Methanol system.

Its advanced design Active Autowerke Supercharger System includes front mounted air-to-air inter cooler system, and it is enclosed in a customized intake box engineered to incorporate design while pushing the cool air to air box.

Middle East has good opportunity on super cars. This M3 will be lined with them.

Are the Middle East countries the new home of the super cars? It seems that the visibilities of expensive luxury cars in those countries are increasing.

So do they mean this M3 will be in the middle east also? Anyway, Active Autowerke does something incredible in this German coupe. Look at those headlights that gives intimidating look in its red lights. I agree it’s very evil like its V8 engine that gives impressive output of 625HP.

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