2010 BMW M3 V8RS by Manhart Racing

A standard BMW M3 is powered by a V8 liter engine that delivers a total of 420 HP. This may be rather impressive for a sports coupe, but take it to an experienced tuner and it can get even better. This was Manhart Racing’s goal as they prepared an impressive update package for the most powerful model in the 3-Series line-up.

The BMW M3 V8RS by Manhart Racing is no chump. The standard V8 engine has been replaced by the S63 engine from the X6M SUV mated to the X6M automatic transmission and, thanks to some ECU mods and a new exhaust, can now deliver an unbelievable 724 HP and 641 lbs-ft of torque. Manhart Racing has yet to announce what this tremendous boost in power has done to the performance of the sports coupe, but with that much extra horsepower, we can just imagine the mind-bending improvements it can deliver.

Further aiding in the performance of the BMW M3 is the addition of carbon fiber elements aiding in keeping the weight as low as possible.

Hit the jump to watch the BMW M3 V8RS by Manhart Racing in action. Appreciate the sights, because the audio is completely in German. We can’t have everything all of the time..

Source: Grip Magazine


For me, the engine performance of this car beats out the competition. It has impressive car lines and a touch of sophistication. I wish the interior would be the same.

Very clean car! If not mistaken the Cadillac CTS has compete against this car. It seems that this would be an interesting fight. BTW, I really love aftermarket company for boosting the unbelievable speed and power.

The recent released of the BMW was requested to have the similar performance just like the M3. So it means that this car has an amazing output power.

It look similar to the Dodge snake. I don’t find the paint job look so original. However, i love the good performance of this car.

this one is really a ludicrous upgrade if you ask me, but I definitely mean that on a positive sense. That car is certainly going to go a long way.

Nice job BMW! M3 would be one of their most successful line. I think even before the 3 series comes out in the market. everyone loves and also the 6 series.

I can really imagine if I have one of these beasts parked in my garage. The neighbors will all probably be screaming whenever I rev this up and hit the road.

Yeah, tuning is a rather delicate art also. Here, you not only need to choose which parts to upgrade but also select carefully what to use in order to make the car perform better.

Really impressive change. Tuning is an interesting field which provides excitement with each project. This model is really quiet impressive especially to racers.

Well, since this one is touted as a racing machine, it is really not that surprising that they would trick this one up that much. But then again, the new output seems a bit on the crazy side.

That sound of the engine is definitely something that is worth listening. This goes well the amount of power that is under the hood of this one.

All I can say is wow! I can’t take of my eyes on this beautiful car. No I’m not questioning, Why does M3 series is a successful production. BTW, i like the upgraded version and updated detailing for this car.

They have really done it when they call this one a muscle car. That’s definitely one heck of a mechanical muscle right under the hood.

Wow, this car definitely rocks! Imagine that, they have actually ramped this one up to almost twice the output of a regular M3. This is certainly one heck of a machine.

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