2010 BMW X3 Police Car

Police vehicles seem to be all over the news lately and the cars seem to be getting sweeter and sweeter with every headline. Of course, it’s no surprise that Germany has opted for another BMW model for their next police car. They prefer to use vehicles that have been built on their own soil sych as Volkswagen , Mercedes , BMW , Audi , and Opel . The German police are currently testing a prototype of a new emergency vehicle based on the BMW X3 and developed in cooperation with the Interior Ministry, the highway police, and the police unions.

The BMW X3 Police car is distinguished by powerful and novel arranged LED lights in both the closed and opened tailgate. There are also striking LED tail-speed cameras at the side of the vehicle and at the bottom of the tailgate. Additional signal effect is achieved by a reflective luggage grid with foil and other indicators. In addition, the entire lower area of the tailgate is coated with a reflective foil. The front end has optimum visibility. For this purpose, two front flashers were integrated below the BMW kidney and another LED signal unit in the middle of the windshield.

The innovative safety concept was implemented on a BMW X3 xDrive30d powered by a 218 hp straight-six diesel engine. The intelligent all-wheel drive BMW xDrive offers the highest stability and optimum traction under all operating conditions.


this is a nice choice the x3 has a nice pulling power and at the same time I has the speed and performance very suited for high speed chase on and off roads.

The police car list in Topspeed in every country is really getting goood

That’s really pretty interesting using BMW as police car. I’m wondering how much they spent for these vehicles.

They probably need that many rear lights because if they’re pulled over on the side of the auto bahn and as there is no speed limits on some they would certainly like to warn the Porsches etc driving past from a pretty big distance!

I like that kinda type of car, its pretty cool and obviously stubborn drivers has no escape with that BMW X3 Police Car,

What if it gets stuck in the snow when I need to be rescued? Does it come with an accesory VW Tiguan to pull it out of trouble?

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