2010 BMW X6 by Enco Exclusive

Ever since its official launch, the BMW X6 has received plenty of attention from tuners around the world. The latest kit comes from Enco Exclusive and is based on making the X6 even wider, brawnier and, naturally, sportier.

The package includes a new front bumper with three large air intakes, integrated LED daytime driving lamps, full wheels arch surrounds, and a pair of new side skirts. Traveling down to the back of the car, the tuner have modified the rear doors so that the line of the car isn’t broken. Once they reached the back of the vehicle, the tuners added a new bumper and a new diffuser that is integrated into the bumper. Enco has also added a new, centrally positioned sports exhaust system with four round stainless steel tailpipes.

The package is finished by a set of 23" Jura wheels wrapped in 315/25 R3 tires. Adding a little class to the package is the black and white exterior color combination. Total price of this package is 15,000 euro (or about 19,000USD). It’s definitely one way to go, but if you really want a killer package that costs less than this one with a more aggressive look, then we suggest you take a look at the 2010 BMW X6 Interceptor by Met-R . The Met-R package offers a lot of the same upgrades for the X6, but for a much cheaper price (between $9,689 and $12,951), and you don’t have to live with a split color palette.

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Press release

It’s unlikely that any other BMW has had such a polarising effect as the gigantic X6. The Munich SUV, with its suggestive coupé silhouette, possesses proportions that seem enormous, and is the perfect embodiment of a luxury all-terrain vehicle. Positioned above the much-loved BMW X5, in recent years the X6 has quietly developed into a real sales hit for the Bavarian carmaker.

BMW X6 by Enco Exclusive

The name Enco Exclusive is now famous all over the world, and the Chemnitz manufacturer has specialised in refining luxury vehicles since the beginning of the new century. The newest creation out of Saxony is a complete body kit for the BMW X6. The Enco designers have developed a widebody kit that makes the X6 even wider, brawnier and, naturally, more sporty. 

The new front bumper has three large air intakes to improve cooling of the engine and brakes, as well as integrated LED daytime driving lamps. Full wheel arch surrounds are responsible for a brawny appearance, complemented by a pair of new side skirts. The rear doors have been specially modified to flow seamlessly into the new rear bumper. The rear appears extremely brawny, thanks to a diffuser integrated into the bumper, and a new, centrally positioned sports exhaust system with four round stainless steel tailpipes. 

BMW X6 by Enco Exclusive

The four Jura model rims, exclusive to Enco, ensure a suitably impressive appearance. The impressively sized 11 x 23 inch wheels fill out the oversized wheel arches, and are fitted with 315/25 R3 tyres. 

The Chemnitz manufacturer is asking approx. EUR 15,000.-, including VAT, for the complete conversion including fresh paintwork.



I love the more aggressive look on it right now. Is the hood made on carbon fiber?

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