2010 BMW Z4 by 3D Design

When does anyone get to see a German model tuned by a Japanese tuner? Apparently, the answer is today. 3D Design is offering a pretty impressive package for the new BMW Z4 Roadster , even if their only focus is on improving the exterior.

The exterior package includes a new front lip spoiler and a trunk spoiler both made of urethane and a rear diffuser made of carbon fiber. The Z4 is audibly improved with the use of 4-tip exhaust. The package is finished by that impressive black exterior color making this vehicle look as if it was made for a man’s man.

Although the BMW Z4 does look the part of a mean road racer, unfortunately the lack of turbo boost leaves it a little on the weaker side of the roadster warrior spectrum. For any of the gladiators out there that need a little power along with the vision, try taking a look at the Hamann package for the Z4.

Source: 3D Design


Well, I bet this car would be an impressive production since they have used the Hamman package here. However, I was expecting for a higher speed performance for this version.

Roadster would be an amazing version of a car. The exterior of the car is quite impressive and sporty. I wonder on what will be the engine performance of the car?

hmm. That’s all? They have modified the rear lip and little boost in the power output.
I hope they have mentioned the figure of added power or the Hamann package that they are talking about..

I think this is somewhat unusual to see a German car that was modified by a
Japanese tuner. However, I think they haven’t upgrade the engine , only the exterior of this
car but I have to say that it looks so sporty.

This is a cool 3D design, and it seems that this car is almost ready on the road to grab some attention of the people.

Yes, the design is perfect, but the problem is it’s fuel efficiency. It out perform the mx5 but the efficiency is way far behind mx 5.

Well, it’s design are perfect in every angle. It’s just like the sexy lady i just meet on a bar last night.

This model includes a power-retractable hard top with two trim levels and a 3.0-liter inline 6-cylinder engine.

I love the rear end specially if the made the diffuser more bigger.

lovely z4, way better than the previous z3.. it looks more bolder and aggressive.

Impressive 3d design! It looks real to me. KUDOS to the creator.

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