2010 BMW Z4 Silver Top Edition

Living in Japan has always had its perks. There’s the beautiful weather, the delicious tempura prawns, and if you’re a fan of BMW , the exclusive BMW Z4 Roadster Silver Top Edition.

Say what, you ask? An exclusive BMW Z4 for the Japanese market? Well, sad to say for all of us not living in the Land of the Rising Sun, but it’s true. The Z4 Roadster Silver Top Edition is the latest Z4 special edition to come out of BMW, and it will not be available in this part of the world. Guess we’ll just have to settle for posters on our walls.

The new Z4 Silver Top Edition has been designed in cooperation to Mr. Hiroyuki. It will be limited to only 15 units and is already available for order at Japanese dealers. First customers will receive their orders in April 2011.

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Source: BMW Blog


The special edition Z4 Roaster comes with a sexy Black Sapphire exterior paint finish with a folding hardtop whose color is the reason why it’s called ‘Silver Top’ with the hardtop, as well as the side mirror caps painted in Titanium Silver. The color combination exudes nothing but complete sexiness. As for the interior, every other feature is right online with standard Z4s with the only exception being the sports car’s seats, which have been dressed in Coral Deep Red Kansas. All models of the Silver Top Edition will come in this exclusive colorway.


Power figures for the special edition Z4 sDrive23i include an inline six-cylinder 2.5l engine mated to a six-speed Automatic transmission with the engine producing roughly 200 horsepower and 250Nm of torque.

BMW Z4 Silver Top Edition


BMW Japan is scheduled to release the car by April 2012 and it will come with a price tag of 5.590 million yen, or $68,829 based on today’s current exchange rates. Seeing as the car is still about 18 months away from being released, that dollar equivalent could still change depending on how exchange rates fare from here on.


The BMW Z4 Roadster Silver Top Edition has some stiff competition in Japan, not the least of which is the super popular Mazda MX-5 Miata . But given that it’s only available in Japan, we’re confident that the special edition Z4 Roadster won’t be having trouble in regards to its sales.


Cabrio would be a good version to have since summer is near! I like that the feeling wherein the cool breeze touches your skin while drivingsmiley

The first image isn’t the special-edition: the mirrors are black.

The first image isn’t the special-edition: the mirrors are black.

I really like the Z4 platform but I think it’s become too much of a cruiser and less of a performance car.

I like the matte black color of this BMW..

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