2011 BMW 5-Series F10 'Black Bison' by Wald International

Japanese tuners like Wald International have never been the type to have any nationalistic bias with their programs. If there’s a car that’s ripe for a project, they don’t hesitate to put their boots on and get to work. That’s no more evident than with the 2011 BMW 5-Series , codenamed ’F10’. Despite being a German brand, Wald International nonetheless prepared a pretty slick restyling program for the sports car, one that includes fresh aerodynamic pieces forged from fiberglass-reinforced plastic.

Among the notable upgrades done on the 5-Series are a restyled front bumper with its own set of new air vents and LED daytime lights, a seemingly mandatory addition for just about every high-end tune-up on the market these days. Matching wits on the front end is a rear that sees its own set of fresh additions, including a complementing rear bumper, a new deck-lid, roof spoilers, side skirts, and the Japanese tuning company’s very own exhaust tailpipes. Added elements like a lowered suspension, new side skirts, a limited set of bespoke floor mats, and a set of multi-spoke alloy wheels gives the new 5-Series added cool points, making it one of the most freshly-styled 5-Series’ on the market today.

These changes, plus the car’s eight-cylinder BMW TwinPower Turbo engine with 407 horsepower, makes it worthy enough to sit in any BMW fan’s garage.


It really has the looks of a classy car but in my own opinion, it is not like those other cars that is so impressive from the exterior to interior features. I just hope that the engine is powerful.

It looks very sophisticated on its looks and so richy as well. smiley Moreover, I think that its engine output is only good enough on it. I just feel a little curious if what will be its interior look like?

It looks very classy on its sleek body paint, and I really love the angst of it headlight! Good thing as well that it has an impressive and awesome engine output which only gives me an idea that it is fun to drive with.

It looks so cool on its body paint even on the angst on its front headlight! Well, good thing as well that it has an impressive and efficient engine which has an awesome output of 407 horsepower.

BMW 5-Series really had the looks of a classy car but in my own opinion it is not like those other car that are so impressive from exterior to interior features. I just hope that the engine is powerful.

What I like in this Wald International is they don’t choose their clients. BMW is from Germany while Wald International is from Japan. Some manufacturers choose who their client would be.

Well, it seems that this car manufacturer wants a more executive look from the vehicle. The modified exterior looks so great and elegant! However, an engine upgrade would be a best deal! 

The matte color has made the car more elegant and sporty! Wald International
hadn’t offered a modified aerodynamic kit for the car.. I would love to see a sexier rear skirt for this car! 

The car is some kind of lame because of the color. I think. They need more upgrades on this car, especially the speed performance of the car. The tools used are ordinary just like some city cars.

Well, I don’t think that this car uses a M package. I think it still needed an improvement on its aerodynamic kit. And I guess it would be better if they have boost the power output of the car into an impressive figure.

Its not really shocking at all. Actually, I was expecting for a roadster version of this car! Well, there are some that was not satisfied with the power output of the car, that’s aftermarket version was offered. However, its too bad that the twin power turbo of the car produced less power.

Wald International is a Japanese tuner, and we all know that Japan is excellent about technologies, so I know that they can come up with more upgrades. By the way, why is it named Bison?

Regardless of who did the upgrades, I’m sure all BMW fans will love it. Come on and check it out. Looks like everyone wishes to upgrade its engine. I hope Wald International will able put it on their list.

Guys like Wald International really choose good type of cars for their tuning system. In
some terms, this BMW 5-Series also known as F10 is indeed a good one.

Now THIS is VERY nice!!

Whoa, that one was fast. I thought that it would take them several months before a foreign tuner would do work on the M5. But it seems that it’s a good thing that it happened earlier.

In every aftermarket version the most important would be the upgrade in the engine. I really love the elegance of the styling of BMW cars and with their added add ons and boost power I bet this vehicle would be an awesome ride.

The good thing about BMW car is that even though their platform and styling are the same still they managed to offer us something new details on there vehicle. Plus, they come up with a engine upgrade!

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