2011 BMW 528i "30th Anniversary Edition"

BMW has always had a good following in Japan, so much so that they’ve actually had a presence in the country for 30 years now.

To celebrate the German brand’s 30th anniversary in the Land of the Rising Sun, BMW has unveiled a special edition 5-Series F10 for the occasion. The car is called the 528i ’30th Anniversary Edition’, and as its name obviously suggests, it’s a limited run model that commemorates BMW’s 30-year presence in Japan.

The 528i 20th Anniversary Edition is limited to only 200 units and will come with special styling elements to justify its ’SE’ tag, including a Deep Sea Blue Metallic finish, a BMW Individual aluminum window trim, Veneto Beige dakota leather, Satin Walnut Wood Fine Honey Brown Individual trim, door sill plates engraved with the 30th anniversary logo, a head-up display, and a premium audio system.

As for the powertrain, the car will carry BMW’s 3.0-liter inline-six engine, one that produces an output of 258 horsepower.

In the off-chance that you’re in Japan while reading this, the cost of owning one of the 200 models of the 528i "30th Anniversary Edition" is 7.9 million Yen, which is around $103,400 based on current exchange rates.


It looks so cool with its sleek body paint. I also noticed that it is too expensive unlike their other vehicle is it because it is their 30th anniversary edition? Moreover, its engine output is not really satisfying.

Well, I can say that it is absolutely looks so striking and lovely of its sleek body paint, and I noticed that its car lines, only emphasized the beauty that it had but sadly, it had a disappointing engine.

Sorry to say but I think that the sleek body paint of this 528i is the only thing that makes this car look good and even the horsepower of it is absolutely a disappointment.

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