2011 BMW F10 M-Sport Package by 3D Design

Once upon a time, Japanese tuner 3D Design took the task of giving the current generation BMW F10 5-Series a pretty swell aerodynamic package, one that featured a redesigned front lip, rear diffuser, rear wing, and roof wing.

Not one to leave the F10 hanging, 3D Design gave the M-Sport package of the new 5-Series its own aerodynamic upgrades. With the F10 M-Sport featuring a sportier overall profile than its 5-Series counterpart, including a new front and rear bumper, it wasn’t difficult for 3D Design to come out with a body kit that adds more appeal to the beastly sports car, including a two-piece carbon front lip and a rear diffuser that was combined with the M-Sport bumper which comes with its own carbon fiber replacement piece,

The price for the front lip costs $1,038 with the additional carbon pieces fetching $687 for the pair. Meanwhile, 3D Design has priced the rear diffuser at $1,400. They are not exactly over-the-top additions to the M Sport package, but who says tuning projects have to be extravagant all of the time?


Honestly, I don’t like the white job for this car it doesn’t looks sporty at all. However, some modification is kind of great and really makes the car to be more sporty.

Hell! The aerodynamic kit is quite expensive..Who’s in the right mind that will spent over $1,038 for rear lip? This would be less thing to be considered!

Honestly, I really hate an aftermarket version which only focus in the physical appearance of the car especially when the dealer is just concerned with the speed performance! This is a fail production for me!

Well, I guess with all the impressive car like the 1M Coupe it seems that this car needs to be less to consider. The white job doesn’t look good on this car.

Recently, all of the the production of BMW contains the M package and I would say that I really like it for it makes the car to look more gorgeous!BTW, the figure performance is great as well!

Yeah, it seems that the whole thing is actually more into the looks department rather than the performance. But that really doesn’t deter the fact that this one looks great.

Well, I guess this is available for those who wants a more sporty look for their car. Though, I think this is just a waste! IMO, M package is already beautiful!

I really don’t find this package I kind of sweet deal. I think this car doesn’t need any modification on the exterior but rather an upgrade on the engine performance.

hmm. I don’t think that a M package still needs an enhancement or upgrade its look because it has a good platform already! However, when it comes to the performance of the engine I was expecting for a higher power output.

I have to admit that I’m a big fan of M package. I find the design kind of good and this car tuner would probably makes the car mire attractive!

Well, though the material used for this aerodynamic kit was made of carbon fiber,
I think its kind of pricey! BTW, I wonder what other paint color is available for this car.

Basically, the rear lip would definitely makes the car runs faster. However, I was wondering if their are other color on the paint job for this car.

There’s are a lot of part that needs to upgrade and I don’t think that its enough to focus enhancing the rear lip. I was hoping that there is a increase in speed.

It look so simple and yet sporty. And I think the enhance parts doesn’t make the performance even better. Well, if you want something to spend for your money then why not.

I think the aggressiveness of this car will come out if it change to other color..However, I find the package price is kind of cheap.

Yeah, those additional packages are not meant to improve the performance the performance of the car. They are more to add to the design.

I don’t think that those additional package would enhance the performance of the car..though i have to admit that i like design of the rear lip than before.

Well, from the looks of it, the F10 M-Sport package has already taken care of our major concerns. And I would say that it really looks cool too.

Yeah right. I just wonder if this package will fit on the M3 Light weight concept? BTW, where can I purchase this one?

It’s a good thing that they are offering this one on a per part basis. That way, it wouldn’t be too much of a strain for F10 owners to upgrade.

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