2011 BMW M3 Lightweight Concept

BMW is rolling out the special editions today, and just because some or all of them may just be the butt end of a good April Fool’s joke, doesn’t mean we can’t revel in the ideas behind these machines. The first was an M3 pick-up that we know was absolutely an April Fool’s joke, the second was the BMW M3 Royal Edition that we hope is, and now the third which we want to believe is actually true. The M3 Lightweight Concept is said to debut at the M Festival at the 24 Hours of Nürburgring race later this year and we are happy to report that many don’t believe this is a joke at all. We think it looks more like a reincarnation of the limited edition BMW M3 CSL with the same limited weight focus.

The new BMW M3 lightweight concept is a sedan alternative to the M3 GTS Coupe. BMW’s focus for this sedan is weight reduction, but no details have been released on its actual weight. So far, we know that the future M3 will sit between the standard M3 and the M3 GTS, but power will be closer to the standard 420 HP with tweaks made to the brakes, suspension, and exhaust for maximum performance.

So far, these are the only details provided for the lightweight M3. More details will be revealed when the vehicle is revealed this June at the 24 Hours of Nürburgring. Stay tuned!

UPDATE 04/27/11: In an interview with M3Post at the New York Auto Show, M Brand and Alpina Manager for the US, Matt Russell, took the time to explain a few things about the M3 GTS. He said that there are no plans to bring the production version of the M3 Lightweight to the US market. Apparently, there just isn’t that much time left to build the E90 M3 and then there’s that little thing called homologation that is a tad difficult on our side of the pond. BMW just couldn’t get the M3 certified in the U.S.

The good news is that BMW is still trying to find parts and supplies that will fit into the U.S. regulations, so we may still get our M3 GTS after all. Hey, we can always dream, can’t we?


Is that how the car will looks like? It doesn’t looks sporty. However, i want to see this car run along the road of US.

hmm. Why not choose a Porsche GT3? I want to read more details about this car. I just wonder what would be the estimated price of this car?

Yeah, it looks like they have kept this one under wraps for sometime now. And they might have used that April’s fool joke bit to hide it further. Nice move BMW.

Now, we will doubt that this concept is not a joke. It seems that they have been working for this production. However, i think it will be a long time before they could finish.

I doubt that they will be able to bring in the M3 GTS just yet. They need to first get the M3 to pass the requirements before they can apply to have the GTS version here.

Well, I think we need an extensive prayer for this production! I really want a M3 GTS though I can see that its difficult to find a supply parts to fit in the regulations of U.S.

Well, they definitely need to find those parts fast, as I am really eager to see this one in the States. But with the stringent laws here, I think I will have to wait for some time.

Wow! Its a good thing that they have decided to bring this car in the US market. However, I hope that we could bring the M3 GTS to us.

At first, I thought that this one is just going to be a jose. But now that the details are coming out, I am starting to get more interested on it.

Tsk, that one is definitely a heart braking news. And I was expecting to see the M3 light hit US streets. I am just wondering why it is so hard to get the M3 Light here.

Well, that’s a good idea. Well, their goal power is just enough for a daily used car. BTW, I don’t think that a regular used car needs more than 180 hp power.

But I don’t think that this thing is a joke for them. And I’m thankful that it wasn’t a prank. The only thing that they need is to change the engine.

Well, its too early to give a further comment since the full details wasn’t release yet! BTW, I’m hoping for a good figure!

Oh please! I’m enough with April fool’s day pranks! The light weight concept could actually give bear an output of 420 hp. haha. That’s funny!

It seems that this BMW M3 lightweight concept is kinda old style in appearance. It looks boring and has not makes sense of style very unpleasant.

Well, since this one is pretty much confirmed to be in actual production, then let’s leave it to that. The only thing that I am wondering is what is the point of building a lightweight sedan.

Those onslaught of April Fools jokes coming in from BMW definitely made me confused on this one. At first, I though that this was still another joke, but then I realized that it is for real.

Well, I do have a doubt on that joe_young. And I don’t think that its just easy to built a sedan type sportscar. Don’t tell me the are going to remove the car accessories and left the car like a fish-bone?

I never though that this one is actually a joke. I really liked the concept so much that I actually though that this one is for real, nice one BMW.

@allan_tom guess what, this one is actually not a joke. BMW is really making a lightweight sedan. And it is actually easier than what you think.

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