2011 BMW Z4 GT3

In the year since BMW Motorsport launched the 2010 Z4 GT3 , the race car has achieved great success in the GT3 class series, including a ground-breaking win at the Dubai Dubai 24 Hours earlier this year. But despite the car’s competitiveness, BMW knew that it still needed a few improvements. So, the Bavarian automaker let loose and built the new and improved 2011 Z4 GT3 racer.

According to BMW, the goal for the latest version of the Z4 GT3 racer is to primarily improve its aerodynamic efficiency to make it more competitive against its rivals in the GT3 class.

Noticeable improvements done on the new version include an elongated bonnet, a long wheelbase, and the narrow wheel arches. The car was also given a steel body courtesy of the BMW plant in Regensburg, Germany and a safety cell made of sturdy steel tubing that’s welded into the body. Likewise, BMW made good use of carbon fiber reinforced plastics, dressing up the car with the strong yet lightweight material on the front and rear wings, the bonnet, roof, and fenders, among other components.

Another difference between the standard road-going Z4 and the racing variant is the powertrain. Whereas the former came with a six-cylinder engine, the latter was given a more powerful 4.4-liter V8 engine mated to a six-speed sequential gearbox.

The car is now being sold to racing teams for €315,000, which is about $454,000 based on current exchange rates.


Honestly, I never thought that BMW could really produce an awesome race car vehicle like this. Yes! It looks better for me than to its earlier model and good thing that it also has an impressive engine.

Well, it seems that the BMW has work on the modification of its exterior as well as its aerodynamic kit. I hope to see a higher figure performance for this car!

The matte black looks so awesome on this vehicle. The car offer a sporty and high speed performing engine. And for a racing car, the z4 looks great! Hell! I wonder on what will be the figure performance of its v8 engine technology.

Well, it seems that they have put another set of aerodynamic kit on this car. And I wonder if it is true that the performance of this car is the same with the production model.

hmm. Well, I guess this GT3 model has the same specs with the production model except of course with the gearbox! And I think this car is a bit sleeker compare to the original concept.

Well, this is definitely made for sporty people to make its to a higher version,with the strong yet lightweight material that made the components elongated.

It a noticeable improvements of this cars, Its efficiency and driving performances and the lightweight materials that can say an incredible car suit for the sporty people.

Well, they would probably consider doing that one, since a lot of people will likely be requesting BMW for that. But mind you, these upgrades are definitely not going to be cheap.

though it would be highly unlikely, I would want to see these specs used in the street version of the Z4. That would surely be one great machine.

Well, since this one is designed as a racing version of the Z4, I think this will probably have higher specifications. So I think the price would be reasonable.

Yeah! And i find this car kind of pricey! I do hope that the price can justify to the output of the Z4! I cant wait to read the upgrades!

hmm. I think that this car would be fuel efficient. However, I wonder what would be output power of this car since there is a limited information given.

I’m torn between it’s beauty and ferocious look of this car on the tracks. By the way, since when did any tuner modify a Z3? The picture astounds me, cool body kits and spoiler though under the hood resides a real monster.

Too bad that this one is strictly for racing only. It would be really great if they would offer those same upgrades to the Z4’s road version, that would be quite a great machine.

Well, since this one is a newer model of the 2010 Z4, we can be pretty sure that this would have at least a similar set of performance numbers. And from what I have read about the previous Z4, this one would be quite outstanding.

Aesthetically, the car looks great. However,i hope to read the engine performance of the car since it wasn’t mentioned in the article.

Ok, I am not all that familiar with the Z4. But seeing this picture, it really looks like it can be quite the monster on track. And it seems that the performance numbers agree with that.

Well, i do believe that design doesn’t matter on the racing cars. However, I do believe that this car will be faster since it has the efficient aerodynamic.

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