2012 BMW 1-Series M Coupe by Kelleners Sport

The BMW 1-Series M Coupe is one of our early favorites for car of the year and apparently, the love for this car extends far beyond our pages. A number of tuning companies are already lining up to get their hands on the 1M Coupe and short of saying, a tuning race of sorts has began to release the best possible aftermarket program for the baby M.

Kelleners Sport is one of the first to roll out their version of a modded 1M Coupe. Their package includes aerodynamic and performance upgrades that leave plenty of discussion on both sides of the fence. For starters, the car’s external profile has been added with various items, including a new front lip, stripes on the car’s hood, roof, and side sills, a new stainless steel grill, and a set of either 20" ’Berlin’ or ’Hamburg’ alloy wheels.

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The car’s interior also offers numerous modifications that make it look the part of a real luxury car. There’s plenty of high-quality perforated leather and velvet Alcantara on the seats, dashboard, and door panels. The head rests feature the Kelleners Sport logo embroidered in contrasting white stitching. We also can’t forget the car’s steering wheel, gear lever, and hand brake boots, all of which have their own Alcantara material. Finally, there are aluminum pedals, foot mats made from velour, and a high-gloss white interior trim that round out Kelleners’ interior upgrades for the 1M Coupe.

BMW 1-Series M Coupe by Kelleners Sport

We like the work on the interior more so than the exterior of the 1M Coupe, but the real crown jewel of Kelleners’ program lies under the coupe’s hood. With a twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter inline-six engine with 340 horsepower as standard, Kelleners Sport managed to bump up the output of the 1M Coupe all the way to an impressive 410 horsepower, which together with a new adjustable coilover suspension, allows the sports coupe to smoke the roads while keeping it’s base planted firmly on the ground.

BMW 1-Series M Coupe by Kelleners Sport


It looks so simple, but I noticed that it was oozing with angst on that style, especially on its white stripes. I also have to agree that it has an impressive interior and good thing as well the efficient engine of it.

For me, the design for a sports car could also help. The exterior package of the car is a one big factor because it can add weight to the car resulting for a slow-speed performance. That is just my point.

In my opinion, the car is impressive with its power ability and since it is a sports car, we must not look on the exterior of the car. What to be measured and give attention is the performance of the car. The design wouldn’t help during a race.

Jonas_McDonell. No. The stripes really help the car to look aggressive. It is not bad at all. Those stripes are good with racing cars but the stripes on the lower side of the car, it’s nonsense. By the way, the interior is also good.

Is it true that Kelleners Sport is not that well know in this field? hmm... I think their
work on this BMW 1-Series M Coupe is not that bad but neither good.

I think it would be better if they have removed those racing stripes and modified its aerodynamic kit. Although the exterior is not that stunning well looking to its interior upgrades makes me forgot on how it looks from the outside. BTW, its good thing that they have offer an engine upgrade, the boost performance of this car is quite impressive.

Its seems that the Kelleners Sport just ruined the natural beauty of the M package. I really hate on what they have done on the face of this car. IMO, this tuning company doesn’t known when to used those racing stripes and lower rear lip! I would say that this is the ugliest aftermarket version that I have seen.

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