2012 BMW 5-Series V-MS by Vorsteiner

Noted BMW tuning company Vorsteiner has been burning the midnight oil the past couple of weeks, having released one program after another for a number of models from the German automaker.

It appears that they’ve stretched their run of programs for Beamers into the next calendar year with the release of the new V-MS program for the BMW 5-Series F10.

The whole set of modifications encompass a comprehensive list of new aerodynamic body panels, all of which are made entirely out of carbon fiber. As if we expect anything less from Vorsteiner.

The carbon fiber V-MS components have been designed to fit cars equipped with the M-Sport package and includes a new front spoiler, a boot lid lip, a new diffuser section on the rear bumper, a bolt-on replacement cat-back performance exhaust system that’s available in either stainless steel or titanium, with the aforementioned exhaust slashing off about 25% of the weight from the standard equipment fitted by BMW into the 5-Series F10.

The whole set of modifications don’t come with any engine enhancements, which means that you’ll still see the 5er’s eight-cylinder engine boasting of an output that could reach up to 407 horsepower.

We know the deal about getting an uptick in power, but with already 407 ponies at your disposal with the 5-Series, you could do away without one, especially if you’re carrying Vorsteiner’s V-MS body kit program.


It’s thumbs-up on the resulting masterpiece. Who’ll care about the looks if the engine does more action on this 5-series?

Running with a very dynamic engine is one of the good shots of this V-MS by Vorsteiner.

Vorsteiner’s modified wheels are more alluring than any part of this 5-Series V-MS.

Vorsteiner did not neglect this car’s style, and I’m pleased with that matter. It will extremely look good as it runs with its dynamic engine.

Vorsteiner apparently focused on its style more, although we can see that its engine has not been left behind.

More than performance, I think Vorsteiner’s tuning contributed to its design too. Is this modified car classified under the “performing with style” category?

It doesn’t look light but well, we’ll see how it has improved. The lower areas on the front are definitely eye-catching, even the wheels.

This model have come up with best expectations coming from their customers. We all know that BMW is really famous of today’s generation.

The wheels is the last to look at before the interior. I can say that this is great. I like to see it on Auto Show.

It was a good news that they keep on upgrading their models from time to time. As a reult, they come up with best expectations coming from their buyers. Knowing the fact that BMW is really a famous one.

The design is quite good but the body paint and the wheels strikes me most. The engine specs of this BMW is really impressive. It’s such a great job for BMW because they keep on changes with their models as time goes by. It looks good than before.

BMW car! What a great production! I really love it. The simplicity of its black looks is really cool! Its like a car from Mafia or something. Haha. Anyway, I also love the wheels of this car, nicely done.

I agree! the engine specs of this BMW is impressive. And the design is also impressive as well. Moreover, I love the wheels that they have put on it, very strong and really suited for it.

One of the famous car in the world. It’s nice to see that this year, BMW did some changes with the styles. Looks good than before.

It’s really great that they did few changes on this 5-Series BMW and its truly looking good than before. However, I don’t like the design on its front bumper, it only gives an awful image on this vehicle. By the way, the engine is already impressive.

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