2012 BMW 6-Series Coupe by Prior Design

Barely a week has passed since BMW first pulled the covers off of the 2012 6-Series Coupe and we already have the first tuning company that’s prepared a new aerodynamic package for the car. Say what you want about German tuning firm Prior Design, but they certainly are capable of burning the midnight oil to prepare a program for the 6er faster than you can say ’BMW’.

Judging by the images lined up in a collage fashion, Prior Design looks to have given the 6-Series Coupe a number of new changes, including a redesigned front bumper fascia that’s adorned with LED driving lights inside the air intakes. There’s also a lower lip spoiler that looks to have been made out of carbon fiber and a new bonnet that boasts of air vents on both sides. The fenders on the sides also appear to have been redesigned with new side grilles and side skirts while the rear bumper fascia has also been modified to go with new carbon fiber exhaust tips and a small diffuser. Rounding out the aerodynamic modifications on the 6-Series Coupe is a set of matte black-finished wheels that we’re estimating to be about 18" to 20".

Unfortunately, the German tuning firm has yet to release their performance upgrade on the car, but rest assured, we’re expecting nothing less of a barn burner. Hopefully, Prior Design comes out with all the juicy details sooner than later.


They have released a version for the 7 series. I just wonder on what will the difference of this 6 series to latter? I think they have the same platform!

Well, I agree with you. And aside from the performance of this car, the reliability is one of the major thing to be considered also. BTW, I don’t get why does a aftermarket company need to thrill us this way, its not even a production model.

I think it was long enough but BMW wasn’t come with other updates for this car! Heck, the BMW 6 series is quite a successful model when it first come out. And I think along with the 3 series, this model has an awesome performance.

It seems that Prior Design is one of those company that focuses their upgrade on the exterior part but haven’t any modification in the performance of the engine.

Wow! The 6 series is back with a convertible version! This would be my second favorite on BMW next to M series. This car perform quite amazing so I don’t think that it will be needed a modification for the engine performance.

Well, this one might either be still a long way off or is just right around the corner. But whichever way it goes, I am still looking forward to seeing the actual build on this one.

Nice work on the 6-Series. They actually didn’t do much to change the exterior, but they really planned this one out well so that it still stands out.

I hope that they will stick with the brown color on this one. It actually suits the car well and really looks great. Hope that they will also add more performance tuneups.

Yeah, they are most likely to be starting with the production. Since they have already released these photos, we can assume that they are already teasing people, so it’s just a short wait.

Even though this one is just a preliminary design, I am already starting to like how it is going to look. Are they already proceeding with the project.

I want to congratulate the Prior Design for coming up with a stellar creation like the 6 series. I like this car most especially the front they really update the aerodynamics of the car. However, it’s been depressing because the manufacturer hasn’t released the upgrade for the performance of on the engine.

Well, these are still just the preliminary designs for the tuning package, so there will likely be changes. But I am already seeing elements that I would certainly like to see in the final version.

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